Monday, May 3, 2010

Energy happens.

We are made up of energy and surrounded by energy, so it would seem reasonable that we would be affected by changes in energy patterns. Energy patterns change all around us for a variety of reasons and they in turn affect our energy on different levels.

Those who are naturally very sensitive may pick up on this phenomenon but may not know what it is they are experiencing, especially if they are very young. Most who do not consciously pay attention to energy around them and who do not work at developing their senses consciously, even those who are naturally sensitive, will let opportunities, warnings, and even intuitive guidance pass them by as they ignore the signals being put out in the energy surrounding them.

Many will relate to the terms “bad vibes” or “negative energy” but these terms are usually dismissed as slang to describe a situation where one feels uncomfortable. But why do they feel uncomfortable? When we dismiss an opportunity to become consciously aware of a phenomenon that may inform us, we are dismissing our own intuitive response and energetic pattern as it relates to our environment. This is a dismissal of something very fundamental in our being that is a connection to the most authentic and highest part of ourselves.

Those who teach awareness of one’s surroundings in self-defense and during times of danger, are teaching the skill of listening to one’s energy as it relates to their present circumstances and environment, and of listening to the intuitive response to this relationship. Many who have reported surviving dangerous circumstances will describe the physical sensations that accompany the energetic shift that occurs within: tingling sensations, skin crawling, a sensation of the hair standing on end, feeling sick to their stomach, etc.

These are the physical sensations and then it is the conscious choice to follow the intuitive response to the physical sensation that saves these potential victims. Make no mistake; the choice to pay attention to the physical sensation and then the intuitive response was a conscious one. This is what sets those who become victimized apart from those who do not.

This type of conscious decision making is something that an individual develops by paying attention to the energy in their environment, how their physical energy is reacting through physical sensation, and listening to the intuitive response and following through on this information.

If you would like to read more about energy shifts and our interconnectedness with the energy around us and between us as individuals and collectively, I am running a series on the subject at my blog The Evolving Spirit .


Katherine Jenkins said...

Wow Aine...wrote a post last night on my blog entitled Life Happens....are we tuning in? Life and Energy happens. We could collaborate. Yes, I'm very interested in energy. To me, that is all there is. All the best to YOU and I enjoyed this post!

Anonymous said...

That's funny Katherine, I just love when that happens! (no pun intended). Well you are a kindred spirit, this I know to be true. Thanks love, and best to you as well.