Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have been thinking about healing this past week, and how some people heal and others don't.

I haven't had a cold for some time, and for a while have been passing headaches, aches and pains and stuffiness as symptoms of energetic shifts. I am sensible though and use my instincts to assess if it needs the doctor's input.

I came down with a really bad sore throat over the weekend. I 'knew' why! Despite the fact that my son has had a cold all week, I understood, energetically, my body had created this illness for a reason.

Symbolically the throat is the seat of the will. I have been battling with, 'God your will not mine' for some time now and not really feeling it. I am so headstrong that my stubbornness seems to take over.

To top that I then feel angry that I am not GETTING IT!

I do what most people do- beat myself up- for not being this, not doing that, not achieving this, not understanding that.

The more I internalized my anger, my throat let me know what a sore point this was for me, by manifesting into a sore, painful throat.

So why is my son ill? And later on that day, why was my daughter complaining of a sore throat? ANGER!!!!

Is this their anger, my anger, anger in general?? A bit of everything, they are teens and that is enough on its own, but I believe as everything is energy, what is the strongest feeling, is what is felt the most.

Now guilt was setting in so I decided to call upon the angels help!

I used some angel visualization to heal my throat. I asked Archangel Michael to cut away any negativity within and without me, and for my children.

I then asked Archangel Raphael to put his emerald-green healing light over our throats.

I then let go (or tried to) waiting for the instantaneous healing I have read happens to some people.


I tried again, but then remembered that it is not the amount of times you do it, it is the trust that healing is already given.

So I started affirming, 'I am healed!'

I had a fitful night, where I can't say I felt the angelic miracle of healing, but awoke then next day with no sore throat, but a very runny nose. So It did work!!!!

I am still ill, but I feel that this is a deep release, and sometimes we have to go through it to become healed. Also, I have spent some low down time, where I have had a chance to re-charge and re-assess my life.

I have spent some lovely moments in nature as well, planting my vegetables on my allotment, where I feel that miracles have been happening all around, helping me heal.

So, why do some people heal and some don't??

I believe, that there are blocks to healing. Our beliefs can be blocks, the belief that 'it takes time' to heal is very ingrained. Or a fear to heal. Some people feel a form of addiction to not been well, they can use it sub-consciously as a reason to procrastinate. Also it is leverage; pain, illness or trauma, is a manipulation tool.

There is also the belief that 'I don't deserve' to be healed, happy, whole. Or the collective belief, especially with flu and viruses, that,'I am bound to get this since this is what the news, the doctors, the parents at school... are saying'

And then there is the need to go through the pain sometimes, to become aware of what is really happening. Sometimes, we need an illness as a way to make us STOP!!!!!

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