Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yep - I'm the Noob!

     Hello all, and allow me to introduce myself! My name is Tony Anders and Katherine was so very kind enough to ask me to join in the fun here. Like Katherine, I think we bonded as I believe and perceive we share a similar goal in doing our part to "drop our spiritual pebble in the pond", and hope the ripples wash over the masses making the swim a touch more exciting. Enough with the metaphors for now.

     I am a hairstylist by trade and it is that close and intimate connection where I have heard many stories of love, hate, fear, gain, loss, beauty, insecurity and a menagerie of humanness that has really drawn me into seeing that I may be able to use these stories to help my brethren collectively. If presented in digestible, approachable, and compassionate chunks, I think it is achievable.

     My career has taken me around the world as I have been a trainer for my craft, stage presenter, and motivator. I have written for magazines, as well as spent six and a half years as a local TV on-air fashion reporter. After feeling a void after a quarter century of beauty, I decided to shift my focus to how people "feel" more so than how they "look". It's about the gift inside, not necessarily the wrapper! This pond I eluded to earlier now had more depth.

     I have recently finished a book titled "Artisan of the Human Spirit ~ Awakening to life's lessons" to be out soon in 2010. It is an observation of important lessons we can experience in life that do not necessarily require mentors, guru's, sages and prophets to present them to us. I have grown weary of people looking externally and always feeling a healthy spiritual insight is elusive and unobtainable. My eponymous blog and posts you will find here, reflect my quest to not only connect myself to a better place, but others as well as the things that surround me. I don't profess to be anything more than a "finger pointing the way", where you arrive is up to you.

     My musings are spoken from the vantage point of a "regular guy" as I grew up in a small town in Ohio (USA), and I have always tried to remain three quarter redneck at heart. Aside from my humble beginnings, I have truly been blessed with a variety of contacts, and experiences that may be worth reading about; you can decide. Just know, I share, I do not proselytize.

     My writing, I feel is like if I were to present a buffet of many wonderful treats. I am inviting all of you in. I try to respect everyone's palate. I will try to make my buffet abundant, and inviting, and should you choose not to sit at the table, nor wish to eat; please know that you are still welcome and invited and my door is always open to you. Namaste', In Lak'ech ala K'in, Aloha, How do you do, 'Sup everyone, and love to all!

Tony Anders
"In life, not every classroom has a desk, nor every church a steeple!"