Friday, August 26, 2011

Find Truth through LOVE!

About a year ago I was told by a fellow blogger to search for what I believe and to stop using other's opinions, quotes, theories etc. I love to read what other people have to say on matters that are important to me. I even admit that their opinions may have helped to develop most of my beliefs.

I have been feeling very restless these past few days. I am very conscious of Moon energies and a New Moon is approaching on ther 28th August. I also 'know' that there are many planetary events taking place in the heavens and even today there are reports of a 'new' planet being discovered made out of diamonds.

I am becoming bombarded by lots of conflicting messages; I am on the one hand reading and channelling angelic, loving energies of having faith and having trust in all happening in Divine perfect order. On the other hand I am reading about the Illuminati- the people in higher places (I suggest you do your own research on this) trying to create a New World Order and creating situations (illusions) in order to keep us from seeing the truth.

What is the truth?

My son came to visit from Cyprus and we had a wonderful 3 weeks together. He is 20 years old and into Christianity. He is not following any particular church but is leaning to the side of everything that is not through Jesus Christ is heresy. Since I have more open minded views he 'lovingly' sees me as a lost soul taken over by the dark side.

We had a couple of 'loving' chats about love, life and peace and I felt I conveyed that where he believes Jesus is God incarnate on Earth to show us how much he loves us, I believe that Christ is a consciousness. I expressed that the Jesus story, whether real in historical fact, is not an issue for me as I believe that it is an allegory about spreading the Light of God, and Jesus is the pure example of this Light.

Of course this became more than a loving chat and we both found ourselves defending our beliefs. I ended the conversation saying that I believe there is One Truth and many ways to this. He replied, 'How do you know? How do you know if you do not have Jesus Christ in your life?'

I replied telling him I have Christ in my heart as we all do, it is the process of opening the heart that helps us to the TRUTH.

I have been ploughing the Internet today and yesterday looking for the TRUTH of what is happening to our planet and the cosmos and to us. I found lots of information, but for some reason I could not read any of it - either it was too scientific, too metaphysical, or too alien- like.

I realised that we need to look for the answers ourselves. The TRUTH is within us, it is in all we are doing, all that we are thinking, all that we are feeling. If I think a certain way this creates a certain truth for me. If I feel a certain way this is an indication of how I have been thinking. If I am doing something that is not in par with who I am, how I feel and how I think, then I am further from the TRUTH.

Keep it simple: Think with love, feel the love and do with love - anything else is less than the TRUTH!