Sunday, September 5, 2010

Small Triumps

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Yesterday on September 4th, 2010, I lived a new experience. I had my first radio interview on Starclear Radio, which is the online radio channel brainchild of Amy Lamb and Jeffrey Seelman. Starclear Radio is a channel that focuses on all manner of metaphysical, spiritual and paranormal topics. I was very honored to be asked by Amy to be a guest on their show. While I have dealt with media interviews in the past for clients and various companies I've worked for, this was the first time that the focus of the interview was on me.
Amy and Jeffrey are very skilled interviewers and they gave me this platform to talk about my writing, my blog here at Healing Morning, my Facebook group Authentic Blogger, and to introduce myself and my thoughts and opinions on a wide range of spiritual concepts. Many who are close to me are aware that it has been a lifelong goal to become a published author, and most are also aware that at any given time I have one or more manuscripts in progress. There is a specific concept and manuscript that I am currently writing that I hope will be my first published work. The process of getting published is full of challenges and fitful starts and stops, but I feel strongly this interview on Starclear Radio is a very positive stepping stone.

Most importantly, this experience has proved to me that I am capable of doing the media and promotional side of things. I've always been great at promoting others, but the thought of being the one right there in the spotlight had me concerned that no one would be all that interested in what I had to say. I now know this to be untrue, as I was inundated with emails, texts, phone calls and posts on various social media sites during and after the interview, with family and friends telling me I did a great job.

Today, Amy and Jeffrey sent me the link to the recorded show from yesterday. I will be able to use this link as a promotional tool for myself, for Healing Morning blog, and to perhaps use as a calling card as I search for the right literary agent, the right publishing house, the right publicist, etc. I admit that listening to the show was interesting, as our recorded voice always sounds a trifle odd to our own ears. All in all, I was very pleased with the easy, comfortable flow of discussion and conversation that happened during the interview. I give utmost credit to Amy and Jeffrey for keeping that smooth flow going and making the whole experience so enjoyable.

I am happy to say that I have been invited to make another guest spot on Starclear in the near future and I am hopeful that I'll have good news to impart about reaching that goal of being published by then. Until then, for those who may not have had the chance to tune in and listen to the live Starclear Radio broadcast, here is a link to the recorded and archived show.

It was a small moment of triumph for me, showing me that, yes, I am on the right track to pursue my dreams. As I mentioned to some friends on my Facebook wall the other day, one of my favorite things to tell people is this:

Be unapologetically passionate about your dreams. - SDS
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I am taking my own advice and embracing this small triumph with a smile. I am celebrating the moment! It is well met, appreciated and enjoyed, because I recognize it is opening new doors to as yet to be imagined facets of those dreams. I look forward to the continuing journey.
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