Friday, April 2, 2010

Touch thought, touch Soul

I've talked about this in various blog posts before - I am not a daily blogger. I know that many are and find a satisfying sense of order and discipline in the practice of writing daily blog posts. I am not focusing on which is right or wrong, as I feel it is an individual choice from writer to writer. My personal choice is to write when I am inspired to do so. That can mean writing daily, but more often my blog articles are published less frequently than most.

Because I choose to wait for inspiration to spark my writing, I honestly never know what the next blog article will be. For me, that's part of the enjoyment of being a writer. I usually have a variety of topics flitting around the edges of my consciousness, and I wait patiently for them to either sharpen and grab my attention or I continue to let them circulate on the periphery of my mind.

My last blog post, Cosmic Symphony, was my own ruminations on how we connect via social media in a very elemental, curiously intimate manner. I am pleased to be able to say that that blog article was very well received. The most recent Comment posted was written by a lovely lady named Judy J., whom I have never met face to face. I have no idea how she was led to discover Healing Morning blog, but find me she did.

She has been dealing with quite a challenging set of circumstances in her personal life in a manner that not many of us can imagine. She is located in California and authors the blog Caregiver to Hubby, describing day to day life as the caretaker to a brain injured family member. I urge all of you to visit her blog and follow her writing. I am just now working through her archives and am still learning about her journey. Somehow, she found my blog and it gave her a moment of peace and solace.

As a writer, I cannot express how important it is to hear that I have touched another person in this manner with my work. I have been told that on an in person basis, I exude a calming, peaceful energy. This is one of the reasons that I chose the name of Healing Morning for my blog. We each have a specific energy, a writing style and personality that projects itself through our writing. This is our voice. When I am writing, I honestly am not focusing on making sure that my voice comes through; I just write. The only way that I know that I am succeeding in my goal is when people leave comments and their thoughts. Judy J. gave me such a moment with her words the other day.

It is no secret that creative people harbor some degree of insecurity about their talent. I am no different in that regard. Although I am extremely confident in my writing ability and am also very centered in the message and concepts that I work to convey, I will not claim that I am always confident that every reader will completely "get" what I am communicating.

I learned many years ago that this is actually not an issue to wrestle with. Writing is the goal, plain and simple. It matters not that each person reading a given article interprets the overall theme exactly as I mean it to be understood. Indeed, I recognize that there may be many moments that someone comes away with a completely different, diametrically opposite perception of my words. For me, what matters more is if they were touched in a positive way. And apparently I am achieving that singular goal.

I am still growing as a writer and will continue that growth until my last breath. That is the beauty of life, continually growing, changing, learning. The moments that cast a blanket of deep satisfaction are those that let us know we've made a difference; that we've touched the very Soul of another person out there who may be struggling. To me, that is the moment where everything stops, hushed and profoundly, brilliantly resonating...and you are given a mirror of sorts. A noble nod from God/Universe that yes, you are in Divinely vibrating unity with your purpose.

It is a curious thing to know that you can and do make a difference with the basic need to express yourself with words on paper or computer screen. In a spiritual manner, you have touched thought, touched Soul with another. It is a musical exchange, don't you think? Harmonies melding as one reads the written thoughts of another and that first one is lifted up, heart gladdened or lightened in some small fashion.

In a world where feeling disenfranchised and isolated is encroaching at an alarming rate, it is no small wonder that we find unexpected consolation and moments of community via the internet. Judy J. may be surprised to learn that her comment on my Cosmic Symphony blog post lifted me up equally. We all need that encouragement as we fight the daily fight on this Earth School, navigating our way through the morass of experiences.

On days where I might hesitate to post an article that I feel pushes boundaries or that might confuse readers as I delve into esoteric or complex concepts, I will remember Judy J's comment and click the Publish Post button with confidence. No, every post will not be a polarizing moment for every reader. And no, not everyone will automatically fall in love with my work. But some people will find me out there in the constantly changing, busy, frenetic world and discover a calm oasis where they find respite. That is my goal for my writing - to touch, to inspire, to soothe, to challenge to view the world in a different manner....and most certainly, to tease the occasional moment of laughter out of you. This is, perhaps, Part II of Cosmic Symphony, as it discusses those ethereal, yet indelible threads of energy that weave together when we connect through writing.

I believe that when you read my writing, my thoughts and energy are woven into the words and they leave a permanent mark on your heart. Whether you embrace my thoughts or reject them out of hand, you will still be changed by reading the words here. I find that to be such a powerful thought that it is what draws me back, irresistibly, to my virtual pen via the computer keyboard, to tap away and fill the screen with my thoughts. I bare my very soul in the process and am more vulnerable than many would think as a result.

When you look into a faceted diamond and it sparkles, that is occurring because light is finding its way into the center of the gemstone and is bouncing around, hitting the facets and refracting brilliant light outward. That is what makes a diamond beautiful, and it is also what makes each person beautiful. I am opening my inner self up through the process of writing - opening a virtual doorway for light to pour in. I believe that my life experiences and emotions are the facets where that light refracts, bounces around and shoots back out into the world in a bright, sometimes chaotic, other times peaceful, calm and sure display. Judy J.'s eyes just happened to be sharp and clear when she read my blog and she caught that light. She found logic and order in my words in a manner that spoke to her and gave her pleasure. My very heart sighs at that thought!

Judy J., thank you for your comment on my blog page. I hope you read this and know that you, also, make a beautiful mark in the world with your Spirit and your writing. Well met, my newfound friend, well met!

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