Friday, March 19, 2010

Longing and Layers

     The feet of snow have finally melted and yes I do have shingles on my roof and the grass is still there. The snow/ice sculpture on my roof that reminded me of a dolphin, then a wave and then a question mark is gone. I will miss nature’s artwork when I drive into my driveway. She always welcomed me home after a long day at work and made me smile.
     A couple of days in the 50’s and even a 60 degree day kicked the top of the ant hill and we all scurried out of our winter caves. Today, nature chuckled and played the role of prankster and ushered in a taste of winter. Were winter and spring having a friendly joust? Knock knock. Who’s there? And spring replied, “Tis I.” At which time winter laughed and locked the door.
    Winter’s clouds have hidden my stars and moon. I look up to see my friends and they are once again cloaked in winter’s snuggly. I must confess a frown jumped upon my face while I was not looking. But feeling the furrows in my brow my lips drew the drawstring and pulled them back and left me with a smile.
     Perhaps this is nature’s way of tilting her head , looking over her glasses, as my mother would do, and with an ever so subtle smile suggest I rethink what I was about to do or say. We may divide the seasons with blocks of time and calendar squares but they remain eternally layered one upon another. The chill tonight reminds me that the spring and summer’s warmth will come but soon I will miss and look forward to winter’s sweatshirts, thick socks and the silence of the first night snow. Layers.
     And so to my hidden stars and moon, like the treasured memories in my heart, sea shells, friends, family and my dreams – I celebrate your layers. I celebrate your timelessness. I celebrate your eternalness. I embrace each of you with the hope of spring, the laughter of summer, the gathering of fall and the reflective winter’s heart. I pull the blanket up over your shoulder, tuck it in and kiss your forehead goodnight. And in my dreams, layered with the seasons and eternity, I shall lay down beside you and myself and in wakeful slumber dance with life.

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