Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Introducing Sai

Greetings and Namaste! I was recently invited by Katherine to be a part of your group. Thank you Katherine, and thank you all for having me here. My name is Sai, and I'm currently based in New Delhi, India. As a profession, I work as an Instructional Design Consultant with an American company. However, my interests are varied, which is nice in a way, but it also leaves me very confused about which one I should pursue more than the others! For instance, I love reading and chanting Sanskrit verses from the Vedas and Upanishads. I enjoy singing, that's perhaps my best way to connect with my higher Self. And then, of course, there's writing.

Like many in their late twenties, I'm at that point where my 9 to 5 job (which isn't always 9 to 5, it's more like 9 to whenever) tends to take precedence over all my other interests. But I'm trying to change that. I'm trying to give my art more space in my life. Like I used to, before I started a regular job.

I've always loved writing. I used to write essays, speeches, reports, research papers, magazine articles... all kinds of stuff, in high school and college. But the thing is that I always wrote for a topic that was given to me by someone else. It was only a few years ago that I decided I would start writing for the sake of writing, not for anyone else, but for me. I would write to give form to all of the thoughts, emotions, and insights that are constantly dancing around in my being, that sometimes drive me a little insane with their intensity.

My initial hesitation was fed by a fear that questioned, "what will people think of your thoughts? What if you make a complete fool of yourself?" My first few attempts were hard because I was writing what I thought everyone wanted to read. I was filtering out, judging, and editing so much that when I read what I had written, I couldn't see myself in there at all. So I would write, read, and then delete!

Then, I did something which is kinda hard to do. I let go. On one condition, though. I decided I would start a blog, but I would not share my blog with anyone, just keep it to myself. Having consoled my fear with that condition, I began writing as if no one was going to read. And then, the words began to flow. Once I opened the doors, they pretty much stayed open. I knew I had conquered one of my greatest fears, when I emailed the link to my blog for the first time to my closest friends.

It's amazing, how many things we don't do because of fear. Society itself is fear-based. Right from the time we're little, we're taught to fear. Fear the unknown, fear the consequences, fear God (this is the worst kind of fear ever). This is why I love the Sanskrit chant Aham Brahmasmi, which means I am the Universe. I have access to a reservoir of strength, power, and wisdom. The more I affirm this to myself, the more abundance I experience. And fear starts to melt away, slowly.

Thanks again for inviting me here. I look forward to reading, sharing, and learning with you.

Love and Light,

My Intro: Aine Butler-Smith

I'm a new contributing writer to Writer's Rising and I want to thank Katherine Jenkins for her invitation, I am quite honored to contribute here after reading the wonderful work being posted by other writers. I am a woman moving into the wise woman years of my life; my youngest, at nineteen just moved out in recent months. I am striving to move into this phase of my life gracefully and expansively, I view life as an always evolving journey, in fact my blog and my website are called The Evolving Spirit.

I have been married for nearly twenty-seven years to the same man and we have three daughters, one grandson who will be turning two in one month and another grandson whose entrance into the world is imminent. I love being a mother, I came to it naturally, I'm a very mothering type.

I've moved around alot in my interests and studies over the years, having been an artist and performer, to an astrologer and reader of the tarot, to a metaphysician and healer, a dream counselor, a lecturer, a ceremonial high priestess, a hypnotist and a published author. In my evolution I came to view the symbolism of myths, religion, and the esoteric as a road map of the evolution of consciousness for me and I learned that interpretation of symbols came quite naturally to me.

I focus mainly now on my writing and my art as I move into a more settled, focused, and quiet stage of my life and I hope that my writings inform, possible educate, and most importantly inspire. But I write for myself most of all; I never preach. I will share and let you in on what works for me and hope that it might be applicable for you; at the very least, I hope it inspires you to seek out what works for you. I also seek community and companionship in spirit with all, and I have found the internet to be a wonderful tool for the connecting of us all in our collective consciousness. I look forward to sharing and getting to know all of you.

In service, love and light,