Sunday, April 18, 2010

I sweat the small stuff...

Here is a list of some of the worst things that can happen to you: (Author’s note–This list is not all-inclusive as there are many, many I will leave out for the sake of space and time available!)

Being five minutes late.

Getting stuck behind someone who does not think they can make the light.

Spilling something.

A lost button or broken shoelace.

Children acting up or being loud as they play.

Not getting everything I want.

A broken fingernail.

Running out of hot water in the shower.

Someone eating the last of the peanut butter.

Your jeans not fitting as they once did.




For the sake of progression, I will move onward...

As you can see, or hopefully see my point is that for me at least, these things I listed can often derail us as if they were indeed “the worst things that can happen to us.”

Recently, there have been circumstances that have challenged me. I have been absent from writing for a week, as these issues have kept me away from one of my passions and pastimes that allow me to recharge, reflect, and simply keep me in conscious contact with that which energizes me.

I have found though, and with a degree of peace, that the things I often write about: acceptance, checking my expectations, releasing results to powers better qualified to handle them– to name a few, have paid off. I have been pleased that many of these situations I have been dealing with, which are considered “bigger stuff,” have not taken me down or out. I feel blessed that some of my insight on these matters, and keeping a calmer demeanor in the chaos has allowed me to be of better support to my loved ones, and also to be able to maintain my own serenity and stability.

I find that through an ongoing awareness of myself, as well as the stuff I continually need work on, allows me to cross the chasm with a greater degree of agility. Chance favors the prepared mind. I also find that it is better to practice first aid prior to the bleeding, and for that awareness sometime back, I am thankful. I still need work, the situations at hand can use some prayers, the future is unpredictable but I have faith, but that is not the reason I write today.

I have noticed that through my self-work, I still need some major work. Normally I would not think so as in my recent tests, I have fared better than I thought as far as how I am coping. What came to my attention is the fact that I have "termites."

What I mean by this is this analogy: As with termites, there are things that creep beneath the surface that can slowly eat away at our foundation. It is sometimes the little things, the “small stuff” mind you, that can cause an erosion of us that can eventually weakens our resolve–our foundation. Like termites, being small, they are often seen as either harmless, tiny, or something to attend to later. However, if left to increase in numbers, they can cause large-scale and sometimes permanent damage. Often this damage is done before it is recognized as a problem.

These little situations often surface as “little frustrations”, but often it is the reaction to them that starts the erosion. If I come undone over my kids’ misconduct, but then try to counsel them on their behavior, I am not being a good role model. If I get upset over being a few minutes late, but try to send a message of patience to others, I must heed my own advice. It is the stuff that lurks in the shadows that can often take us down, and it is those things that are patient– very patient to get their turn to infiltrate our space.

I now realize that because the “big stuff”, although a formidable opponent does not have to consume me, I do realize that the little things can also weaken us. If I am able to become aware a little quicker, I can intercept the “termites” before they cause too much structural damage. This way I do not allow my foundation to crumble causing me to topple on top of those I love. I need to be aware that although I am increasing my spiritual integrity, I cannot forget the nooks and crannies, and to dust in the corners.

Like everything else, this requires practice. Practice I will. But just for the meantime, until I get my rhythm, don’t eat the last of the peanut butter.

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