Sunday, September 11, 2011

Everyone is Helping us!

I have been been thinking about the idea that at soul level everybody is helping us. This implies that everything that happens to us, everyone who is in our life, especially people who are maybe not so nice to us, are helping us to evolve.

This is a difficult concept to grasp, especially when we may be in an unhappy relationship, living in squalid surroundings, in a job we don't like where our collegues are not nice to us. How can these people be helping us?

If you believe in the law of karma, cause and effect, then you may be able to see that if someone is bad to you, they are either having their turn at being the bad guy, since in a previous lifetime you where bad to them. But how do you know this is the case, and is it healthy to just accept bad behaviour on the off chance that you may have done something terrible in another lifetime?

The' Everyone is helping us' idea is a little like the law of Karma but with the difference that on a soul level we have a pre planned life contract and our soul friends agree with you to meet you in this life either as a bad guy or as a good guy in order for you to have a chance to grow. This happens by choosing to react in love instead of in hate. So if I meet someone who is bad to me, If I choose to see this as a chance to evolve, I will not be caught in the blame game and I will be able to move on.

Easier said than done. We have now been given a chance to finally put all karma to rest, not to be born again everything that needs forgiving, released, let go is to happen now. Therefore wasting time in being angry with someone, feeling sorry for ourselves and holding grudges just keeps us stuck.

So next time you catch yourself feeling 'human' try and remember that at soul level everyone is helping us. We can ask for God's grace if we find it impossible to move past our own closed vision, that we are humans having a spiritual expereince for we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience.