Wednesday, November 30, 2011

With a bright spirit

Healing.  The word itself is evocative.  It conjures up an immediate visceral response with attendant mental images...memories, fears, dreams, wishes.  Good health is vital to every living organism on this Earth School of ours.

When I think of healing, I think automatically of love and of Light.  The pure vibratory expression of love is the most powerful form of healing in existence, in my opinion.  When love is present, our whole body just relaxes and sighs, luxuriating in the peacefulness of that beautiful energy.

We know from a medical perspective that those who are happy, who feel loved and cared about, who receive regular hugs from loved ones - these are the people who heal more quickly, and who have stronger immune systems.  I have always found the healing strength of such a simple thing as a hug to be profound.  A simple embrace, the hug, and yet that simple thing can boost white blood cell count in the human body - the part of our blood system that fights off infection and wards off opportunistic illness - and sustain a sense of calm well beyond the physical experience of the hug itself.

Just the act of writing my thoughts about healing is increasing my own vibration - I can feel it as I type the words and thoughts.  I spent a good part of the 1990s working as a massage therapist, but was never truly fulfilled in that career.  The healing part and the knowledge of the human body fascinated me, but massage therapy in and of itself didn't really fit for me.  What did resonate was energy work; what many might recognize as the Biblical "laying on of hands", or in the traditional medical world, it is called Therapeutic Touch among other names.  I learned that I have an innate ability for energy work, and to this day, although I no longer practice as a massage therapist, I still embrace energy work occasionally.  It is effortless for me and is a gift I can bestow upon anyone in pain, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or as is most often the case, a combination of all of these.

When I stepped into the unknown world of blogging over two years ago, I had no idea what I was doing with the concept.  It was something I was trying on for size to keep my mind occupied during a very dry period for my freelance writing career.  I've spoken of this before and I will doubtless bring it up again - the title of my blog, Healing Morning, was divinely driven.  I knew I wanted it to have something to do with healing, and the word "morning" was a play on my name, Dawn.  At the time, I had no idea how absolutely appropriate a title this would be, or how the title would grow with me as I grew in my blog writing.

You would think, as a result of the strong healing energies around me over a lifetime, that it would come as no surprise that this healing energy would translate into my writing.  Yet, it has been a surprise.  I did not know, to begin with, that my writing would touch others around the world and instill a sense of peacefulness, calm and healing.  That was a vague goal, but at the time that I created this blog, I had thought to focus more on a clinical type of writing application.  Instead, I found that I was being drawn to write from my heart and to allow a level of transparency that I had never dared to embrace.  I began to share very private concepts here, and opened up about my spiritual side in a manner that I had rarely done before.

Again, to my surprise, the articles that I wrote that exposed very personal aspects of who I am, and my healing and intuitive abilities - those articles have, without fail, turned out to be the ones that have garnered the most interest, the most written comments and the most support.  I've learned over the last two and a-half years that when I've written an article that makes me more than a little nervous about publishing it, this is when I'm writing and channeling a level of truth that needs to be shared.  And that energy is received in similar a very positive, honest manner.  People respond in kind and tell me they feel a sense of peace here.

So, I continue to grow with my blog title.  I continue to grow in my healing abilities and I continue to learn that my previous horizons are constantly being broadened.  It is a very surreal experience at times.  Just recently, I began to recognize a return to that childlike sense of creation that we tend to lose as we age.  Children have an innate sense of acceptance that all will be well; they have an equal belief that good things will happen simply because those good things are wished for and anticipated with a bright spirit.

I have also just recently weathered some rather trying times where I wasn't sure how I would get from one day to the next.  The darkness that accompanied those challenges was quite intense and looking back, I have no idea how I managed to maintain even a wee shred of optimism and belief that good experiences were in my personal pipeline.  Somehow, though, deep within me, I did hold onto that small flame of belief.  That small flame of pure love, of pure healing, of pure all rested deep within me, despite the trying times.

And then, in the midst of an admittedly scary phase, I felt the shift beginning.  That knowing, that awareness that I've always had grew inside me.  I clearly remember feeling it happening and I admit there was a bit of a struggle....a bit of lingering doubt that it was real.  Yet the sense of rightness was so strong that all I could feel was delight and a sureness inside.  A glowing, expanding welling of liquid, golden, pulsing brightness is how I would describe it.  That is what the energy of pure love looks like to my mind's eye. Many who practice various healing modalities will point out that various levels of healing energy carry different colors and textures.  I don't dispute this.  What I am describing here, that golden, pulsing brightness is how I experience healing at its most profound.  If I could invite you into my heart to see it and experience it the way that I do, I would do that very thing.  Since I can't do that, the next best thing is to write it for you and create the image and the emotion, the textures and vibrations with words.

This article may seem to have very little point....just a jumble of thoughts about healing.  I don't argue that point, as I'm writing from a stream of consciousness perspective, just allowing the thoughts to flow from my fingertips.  I will go back and read through this and see if the progression is strong enough to publish the article.  I think it will be, because I feel that same sense of rightness as I type the words.  This jumble of thoughts is going to make absolute sense to someone...perhaps many someones.  You will read this article and smile and nod, recognizing what I am attempting to convey.  Your own deep well of healing energy and love will respond and there will be that magical "click" from me to you.

In this way, in this fashion, I continue to heal.  Myself.  My readers.  The very air that I breathe in and exhale.  The earth that I walk upon, as this energy overflows and spills down from my hands and flows through my feet as I walk.  For those who study esoteric concepts of healing, this will make sense.  For those who trust in the simple process of honoring the physical manifestation of that spark of the Divine translating into human form, it will also make sense.  For those who are searching and wondering, looking for something that will lead them deeper into self-discovery, perhaps this article will light a new Divine spark.  It's a beautiful and never ending cycle, of course.

With a bright spirit.  This is how I write this article, at this moment.  That would make a beautiful t-shirt slogan, yes?  Healing is such a bright thing, yet very calm and sure.  Peaceful and quiet, but also exuberant and full of that childlike sense of delight.  I was asked to write an article with the word "healing" as the focus.  I sat down to write and did so with a bright spirit.  My hands are literally buzzing from the extreme level of energy that has been prompted as a result and I accept that manifestation in the same way....with a bright spirit.  With a bright spirit, my friends.

With a bright spirit.
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tom Cruise & Toasted Sandwiches

Well here I am home all alone with Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Richard Gere & Debra Winger having a Top Gun of a night with an Officer and a gentleman.

My boy is over at his mum’s this weekend, all my extremely limited friends are busy with their real lives and I’m so shit broke I’m not game take the car out of the driveway. Mind you I should be used to the being broke bit as I can’t remember the last time I had any free money to spend on myself, but that’s another blog to write.

I’ve been flipping through Facebook and all the Blogs that I follow most of last night and today just to kill time and have come to the conclusion that “ I have No Social Life ”, unless I am being an employee for my boss or a father to my son there is currently nothing else.

I seem to have lost the part where I am an individual, that fun guy that way – way – way back in his 20’s used to have a long and distinguished list of friends who he would invite over for dinner and cards all the time. That individual who used to love going to the casino to play roulette. That individual who used to love camping and exploring the world around him.

Now not to say that I am not still interested in all of the above but somewhere on the road between exuberant youth and responsible middle age I seem to have lost all my friends, my money and my direction.

Now this has me thinking, yerh I know … “ Warning, Warning Middle Age Male Going Through A Mid Life Crisis Is Attempting To Think ” … Run people Run !

My son is 14 years of age and is looking at getting his learners licence ( car ) in about one and a half years then his official licence twelve months after that, at which time he will blossom into a young man that will have his own transport and will no longer need to rely on the OLD MAN for a social life of his own ( Until he needs to borrow money to fix the car or put fuel into it ). Now this is the part where I am starting to think …. Fact 1, My son will be independent in about two and a half years …. Fact 2, Once my son is independent he will no longer need me to be spending all of my existence on him … Fact 3, Once I am not required to reserve 90% of my awake hours for my sons social life I will have the freedom to do whatever I want, when I want ( except for work hours ), I will be able to go out with my friends without having to plan two weeks ahead of schedule, I will be able to enjoy the Casino or Poker competitions without having to plan two weeks ahead of schedule, I will be able to go on road trips and camping trips without having to plan two weeks ahead of schedule, I might even be able to go to the movies or out to dinner without having to plan two weeks ahead of schedule …. Fact 4, I have no friends and have forgotten how to do all of Fact 3 …. Fact 5, “ Oh Crap ”

Now don’t get me wrong at all about this Blog, I do not regret for one second running around after my son ( and NEVER will ) and it is not possible to love him or be more proud of the young man he is becoming than I am of him but I have realised that I have sacrificed my self-identity too much over the years and have a fork in the road coming up that if I am not careful and better prepared for could put me into a spin that would be hard to recover from and cause me to crash and burn ( sorry, another Top Gun metaphor ).

Well, time to go make my toasted sandwiches for dinner, curl up on the couch with my dinner and a cold drink, Flick Tom & Kelly on, settle back and to get in touch with my feminine side with no witnesses.

Till next time

Thanks for reading.

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