Sunday, February 14, 2010


Apparently I have lot of synchronicity. Do I? I wonder. What is synchronicity exactly? Naturally I consult Wikipedia which is slow to open and while I wait I hope it’s a good thing. In between reading Wikipedia and writing this post the word has turned up 3 times.
Synchronicity is like a coincidence but it isn’t. It’s when something you read, or someone says hits a nerve, and when disparate events and information come together in meaningful ways; an A HA! moment. And yes, I’ve come to expect it. There are people in my life now (and also in my past) that are there to teach me a lesson. The Universe provides.
Full stop. Except it is also something that my mortal mind cannot fully understand much like quantum physics. Examples of it in action provide the gist of what it might be, but not a firm crystallisation of the concept. It is not linear.
Perhaps it is something not amenable to verbal description. Pragmatics makes me start questioning – what is it for? I can feel the discomfort in the pit of my stomach from not being able to pin it down. Much like religious beliefs and spirituality, synchronicity is the connection between something much bigger than us and what is inside our heads.
I have written this post in an attempt to discover why this word has been sent my way this week. My understanding is still hazy I know but it is the best that I can do.
I can feel something coming to me.


Look at the dewdrop
that rests upon
a leaf,
adorning it with a sparkle
on a cold winter's morning.

As the leaf sways
in the light breeze,
the dewdrop dances
and twirls
its way down
to the leaf below.

Breaking into ten dewdrops,
now a chain of pearls
on the leaf below.

A gust of wind blows
and the pearls
are tossed away
to a budding leaf that emerges
from a strong stem
as it grows.
Hopes. Believes.
In a day of sunshine.

Now greeted with a necklace
of pearls,
a glorious welcome
into this world.

No leaf is too small,
none too weak
nor a tad too yellow
to be the bearer of nature's jewels.
Each one precious enough
to be adorned
by a sparkling dewdrop,
on a cold winter's morning.

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Writing Fiction

Hello all! I can't believe it's been so long since my introduction on the site. I have been interviewing for and just received a new job at my company. My focus has been there and now that I'm settled on a new position, I can sit down here on Writers Rising and write thoughtfully.

One thing I've been thinking more about is writing fiction. I've been writing some short essays, descriptions really, of people I encounter in New York. On the subway, in coffee shops, on the street, as I'm waiting for the elevator. It's helping me keep my ears wide open.

Here is a link to one of these essays that I've been working on. I'd love to know what you think!