Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking charge in creating your life.

To begin the process of creating what it is you want in your life you must first have a clearly defined vision.
The vision can evolve and be added to as you grow and you may even completely change your vision, and if you continue to evolve in life, your vision of your life will continue to change as you change.

In the example of creating a house, if you decide to build a small house then change your mind after you have started the process to build a larger house, or circumstances in your life dictate a change (for example, you discover you are pregnant and you want to add more space) you will simply add to the vision in a manner that will expand on your original vision.  If, however, you decide midway that you don’t want a house at all but would rather have a houseboat, then you will be stressed, dissatisfied, and stuck with something you don’t want, and that you have to decide what to do with, while you go off in a completely different direction to create the houseboat.

It is challenging enough when life happens and we have to adjust and make changes, which can stress us and cause distraction, or even when we expand our vision as we expand and we make the necessary adjustments along the way. These types of stressors and distractions will nag at us and may make the creation process more challenging but not impossible. But to change directions in such a dramatic fashion as the house to houseboat example, is beyond a simple stressor and distraction, it is a complete break in direction in creating one’s reality.

These types of breaks and changes in the direction of creating reality are sometimes necessary, if they are major life altering events brought about by years of inner development and growth. These types of events will come with inner guidance along with outside support and resources that seem to appear out of nowhere because they are events born of a higher consciousness and able to tap into unlimited ability and resource.

But if one is constantly changing their mind so dramatically and are never able to land on even the simplest of visions for their life, then they will be destined to perpetual chaos, feelings of being out of control, and very often feeling like they are simply victims in life. This is the epitome of someone who refuses to take responsibility for their life. Most people fall somewhere in the middle, but there are ways to become more effective creators in our own lives.

Focus, solid decision making, trust, confidence, and a connection to one’s intuition are all necessary parts of the process of effective creating of one’s life. But good common sense and sensible planning are great areas to start and build on. By using common sense (the stuff grandma taught you, or those principles you learned in kindergarten) organized thinking, and acting from a place of integrity as starting points, you can build your skills in solid decision making, trust, and confidence from your successful results.

One tool to use in the area of focus is visualization. Please visit my blog, The Evolving Spirit, tomorrow for my regular series on presence and contemplation (another exercise which develops focus) and I will have a visualization exercise to share.