Friday, February 5, 2010

Sleeping and Living Past the Snooze

The first part was posted to my blog this morning. I offer the epilogue to those who walked with me today.

      Do not fear no alarm clocks were totally harmed in the making of this day. Slightly injured but a full recovery is expected. I awoke when the first morning report should be falling off the printer’s paper tray. The adrenaline rushed through my body. Feet thudded on the floor and then I stopped. It was a complete and unequivocal stop. The wave of adrenaline subsided, the phone call was made and I obeyed the voice in my head, perhaps the heart or perhaps they spoke in unison. This morning I say thank you for the voice that says sit for a while and be still. Sit and know your heart. Sit and hear no voice but your own. Sit and listen to your breath, your skin and your eyes blinking. Sit and know who you are. 
      I offer my thanks to the voice that said stop. The justice of the world, the hope of the world and the work of the world must first begin with me. Today, for twenty four hours I am retired. For twenty four hours I have a new to do list. I have a new set of meetings to attend and they all start with me. Today, I will make a deposit into my own bank account, I will pay myself. Today I will hear my own voice of need. Today I will save the world and the world will be me. And this I do so that tomorrow I may reach out and love You, the world.
      The snooze day has come to an end. It was a day spent reading blogs of hope, laughter and the ever twisting and turning of life’s Rubik’s Cube. A day alone. Today I was the proverbial fly on the wall walking through people’s lives and eavesdropping on their hearts. Today I was alone among a community of people and our world. Tonight, I watched the sun drift lazily from the lofty heavens and nestle in the earthy horizon. From that same earthy horizon the moon arose to draw my gaze upward again. Like the sun and moon I’ve journeyed from heaven back to earth and from earth back to the heavens. Ah, that has been my day, a sort of vertically horizontal kind of day. I am ready to be a warrior again. May yours come very soon.