Monday, October 11, 2010

The Other Side of Me

I see you
in the shower
head bowed
eyes closed
standing still
letting the water
wash away
your stress.

I see you
eyes glazed over
staring into
the technicolor
images on the TV
but not really
watching anything.

I see you
watering the plants
lost in your
own world
as you pluck
out dead leaves
and gently
caress the roses.

I see you
in your work
trying to
find an
escape from
the thoughts
that plague you.

I see you
quiet and languid
and I want to
make you
free you of
the burden
you carry
help you
feel alive again.

I see you
and I feel
the pain
you're going
but there's
I can do
except wait
for the tide
to pass.

I see you
and in your
eyes I see
a shadow
of myself
you are.

I see
that I am you
and you are

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