Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everything is Energy!

Right, I'm done with searching (for now). I ususally go through a period of devouring information from all sides - dark and light but trying to keep my feet grounded in the love side. I read, research, dream, ask my guidance and look with new eyes, comparing what I have learnt so far.

I am a thinker and this causes me to over rationalise. I am also an intuitive so I 'know' things without knowing how I know. But thankfully I am also a 'feeler' and I can feel when something is off or on. But having an overactive thirst for knowledge sometimes gets the better of me.

But as I said, for now I am done, I have come into balance. This is something I used to find very hard to do where I would either burn myself swinging like a pendulum from too much thinking or too much feeling. I have learnt DISCERNMENT. I have learnt how to trust my body signals and also to have FAITH in my knowing. Also with the thinking part, I have learnt to put everything through the filter of LOVE.

So, what have I come up with so far?

Everything is energy!

Nothing new really as most of you already know this, maybe spiritually, maybe intellectually, maybe both or none of the above.

But, personally I feel I understand this TRUTH on another level. I can see how our perception can create our own TRUTH. I can feel how our feelings can create our own REALITIES. And I 'know' at some level that I am not really understanding rationally, that all is happening in DIVINE perfect order.

What does this mean?

DIVINE perfect order means that wherever our perceptions or energy are at, Divine order still happens. We may be experiencing struggle and pain with much fear, but on another level, a DIVINE level all is ok. All is enfolding at your own vibration.

So, if you are still holding on to old belief systems, beleiving everything you read or hear on the news and other authority institutions, which sometimes include the family, Church, health system and also schools, then you are expereincing a realty where the vibration is lower- not worse or bad, but just lower on the energy scale.

This causes us to not trust in our own inner guidance, to become fearful and to be carried away in a mass collectiveness where the energy is the same.

If you are beginning to see differently, question what is in front of you as maybe this is not really it, and prefer to choose peace and love instead of restricted thinking, feeling and actions, then your energy is vibrating higher- not better or special.

We all have to go through the lower to get to the higher, if that is what we want. If we enjoy the fight, the blame, the attack and the fear, we can stay where we are, it is our choice. Energy goes in the same direction as all there is is energy. As we too are energy.

Enjoy the journey, it is always our choice where we want to make our stop-overs!