Saturday, September 24, 2011

family matters...

Family matters to me.

All of my most treasured memories involve my family.

Whether the times were special because of what we were doing or just because my loved ones were there, I am not sure...perhaps both... but either way, I love to share the experiences of my life with those I hold most precious.

As I have grown, my understanding of family has changed somewhat, and so has the structure. My own family unit changed from a clan of 5 to an intimate 2 when I married my best friend almost 9 years ago.  Over the years, others have married and had kids, adding more brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews... Having more people in my life makes me realise just how great our capacity to love really is.

Yet there is still room in my heart for more.

The desire to add to our little unit of 2 has, over the past while, been met with disappointment, heartache and unfulfilled hope.

We have walked a difficult and tumultuous journey... I know it has been a short one compared to some... but still...

It is a road I would not wish upon anyone... yet it is also a place that I know you don't understand until you have been there. The lessons are hard to learn.

I have learned that the things you always think happen to "someone else" can just as easily happen to you... 

I have learned that despite how much you want or work towards something, there are certain things that are simply out of our control.

I have learned that my timing and my ways are not necessarily God's ways. I have learned to trust Him in spite of the circumstances.

I believe in a God who can do amazing miracles and defy a doctor's report. 
I know that if He wants to do that for us, He will.

However, I also know that He sees a bigger picture... and perhaps... just perhaps, the perfect baby for our family is not one created by us...

I believe adoption is a miracle all on its own.

So... with that in mind, we are moving north to be closer to some of our extended family as we work towards expanding our own. 

Because family matters.

A whole lot.

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