Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double Century

It's a big achievement or a miniscule one depending on the way you look at it.

This is my 200th post.

200 days of pouring my heart out, debating, questioning, musing, and venting.

200 days of support from all you readers who make this enterprise so much fun.

I started writing on a daily basis because I didn't want my writing skills to rust.

I, also, wanted a forum from where I could express my opinions without any marketing or educational agenda attached to it -- that's what I do 9-5 every day.

With your help I have been able to rediscover my voice, remain honest in my writings, and renew my faith in the concept of the public square.

It isn't easy to write every day -- to think of something meaningful to share with a wide variety of readers from different countries, backgrounds, ethnicities, age groups, and cultural beliefs. Being a writer by profession makes it a tad easier, but nevertheless it can be daunting sometimes to wake up in the mornings and have my mind go blank.

No inspiring thoughts, no raging debates in my head, no points of contention to be made. During the course of the day, though, I've found that someone says something or I observe/read something that triggers a train of thoughts -- some "normal" life event that helps keep the
momentum going.

And before I know it, I find myself typing furiously. It is for that reason, that I think reaching this milestone is a big achievement.

On the other hand, there are so many bloggers out there who have five-six years' worth of rich content, thoughtfully presented in little daily doses of inspiring prose ... in front of them, this is but a minor accomplishment.

Big or small, it has been a fruitful enterprise.

In the course of my blogging I have discovered many thinkers -- some of whom I agree with, others that challenge my belief system.

It has, indeed, been a pleasure making the acquaintance of my readers, many of whom are bloggers like me, and others who stop by to share their insights when they get a chance.

All of you have enriched my life in a way that I hadn't thought of when committing myself to this blog.

When I reached the
century mark a couple of months ago, I instituted the Photoblogger of the Month award that was embraced with open arms by all of you.

To commemorate this milestone, I will introduce "
Mansi asks:" a bi-monthly series that will present a probing question.

When I was on Facebook, I used to ask a question daily -- sometimes intentionally provocative, other times innocently so. Not all the questions were deeply philosophical -- some were just for fun.

The one thing they all had in common was that they invited engagement.

Even if I asked something as inconsequential as "What did you have for breakfast?" I'd have people volunteering information about muffins, parathas, toasts, and multigrain cereal.

I chose not to respond to any of the questions I asked, unless someone specifically called me out for an opinion.

Now, it's time to change that.

I will dive in head first and postulate but what will make this series effective is your participation.

So, look out for the "Mansi asks:" series and be sure to chime in.

In the meantime, here's to big and little things that make one happy.