Sunday, February 14, 2010


Look at the dewdrop
that rests upon
a leaf,
adorning it with a sparkle
on a cold winter's morning.

As the leaf sways
in the light breeze,
the dewdrop dances
and twirls
its way down
to the leaf below.

Breaking into ten dewdrops,
now a chain of pearls
on the leaf below.

A gust of wind blows
and the pearls
are tossed away
to a budding leaf that emerges
from a strong stem
as it grows.
Hopes. Believes.
In a day of sunshine.

Now greeted with a necklace
of pearls,
a glorious welcome
into this world.

No leaf is too small,
none too weak
nor a tad too yellow
to be the bearer of nature's jewels.
Each one precious enough
to be adorned
by a sparkling dewdrop,
on a cold winter's morning.

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Heather Conroy said...

Beautiful! Stay still and quiet and observe. Your post a precious jewel in my day! Thanks!

Katherine Jenkins said...

Whenever I read your writing, I go back to the what is. I thought about the drops of dew breaking into a thousands other made me realize how we are all like that..all one in the same. All part of nature and all worthy to be touched by it. I felt a oneness with all things and with you in this post.

Marla said...

So simple and yet so lovely. Thank you!

marcime said...

A lovely way to start the morning - with a string of pearls from Sai !

Funny, a cold winter morning from where i am would not include leaves (trees are bare) nor pearls of water (ice), but soon spring will be here and I will look for Sai's pearls.

Sai said...

Thank you, Heather! I'm so happy it was precious to you.

Katherine - that was such a beautiful experience of oneness. Thank you for sharing what this piece inspired within you. Appreciate it! :-)

Marla - thanks so much!

Marcella - it's such an interesting observation, that you would associate winter with bare trees and snow.:-) Reminds me of the snow storms I lived through when I was a student in Iowa. See that's what I LOVE about nature - she's so different and diverse and myriad! Hope your spring comes soon and you can see the pearls. :-) Thanks for your comment!

Beth Chapman said...

Sai you bring the hope of spring to another day of snow and ice. Bless you! I shall live to see the green again!