Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Intro: Aine Butler-Smith

I'm a new contributing writer to Writer's Rising and I want to thank Katherine Jenkins for her invitation, I am quite honored to contribute here after reading the wonderful work being posted by other writers. I am a woman moving into the wise woman years of my life; my youngest, at nineteen just moved out in recent months. I am striving to move into this phase of my life gracefully and expansively, I view life as an always evolving journey, in fact my blog and my website are called The Evolving Spirit.

I have been married for nearly twenty-seven years to the same man and we have three daughters, one grandson who will be turning two in one month and another grandson whose entrance into the world is imminent. I love being a mother, I came to it naturally, I'm a very mothering type.

I've moved around alot in my interests and studies over the years, having been an artist and performer, to an astrologer and reader of the tarot, to a metaphysician and healer, a dream counselor, a lecturer, a ceremonial high priestess, a hypnotist and a published author. In my evolution I came to view the symbolism of myths, religion, and the esoteric as a road map of the evolution of consciousness for me and I learned that interpretation of symbols came quite naturally to me.

I focus mainly now on my writing and my art as I move into a more settled, focused, and quiet stage of my life and I hope that my writings inform, possible educate, and most importantly inspire. But I write for myself most of all; I never preach. I will share and let you in on what works for me and hope that it might be applicable for you; at the very least, I hope it inspires you to seek out what works for you. I also seek community and companionship in spirit with all, and I have found the internet to be a wonderful tool for the connecting of us all in our collective consciousness. I look forward to sharing and getting to know all of you.

In service, love and light,



Katherine Jenkins said...

Welcome Aine-I'm so excited to have you here! What a diverse background you have. I look forward to all that you can share with us. Peace to you, Kathy

marcime said...

Hi Aine - i love that name - welcome to this space - I am new too and just finding out how wonderful and unique everyone is - we all have so much to give to oneanother - i look forward to what you will give to us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm excited by this venture!


Pamela Bousquet said...

Welcome, Aine! (Your name is beautiful - how do you pronounce it?) Sounds like you've led an amazing and interesting life, and I'm looking forward to learning more about you, your experiences, and your vision. Peace - Pam

Heather Conroy said...

Hi Aine,
It's great to see you here as a contributor. I am really looking forward to some inspiration! It must be a wonderful new phase of your life where you can focus on your work to your heart's content, and still have your wonderful family around you. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone, Pam my named is Irish Celtic and it is pronounced Anya.