Monday, May 3, 2010

And Then There Were Two...

photograph by Kathryn's Creations
Cowboy went back to work today after two months away with a broken wrist.
What a two months it has been!
Aside from having a broken wrist and not being able to play football or work, I do believe something magic took place.
I didn't have to go and pick up nappies or milk, AND he mopped the floor.
Monte and Cowboy bonded.
I am not saying they hadn't bonded before, but the hours Cowboy takes doing his Cowboy duties (with sheep) meant he used to literally see Monte for about one hour a day.
Most of that hour, bless him, was spent trying to get our boy to GODDAMN SLEEP!
So two months away from work, away from football and just hanging at home was a great gift in some ways.
Monte has had a chance to really get to know his  Dad.
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Wanderlust said...

Oh yay, that is so sweet. What a great gift for both of them.