Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scanning for Updates

   “Windows has important updates to install.” Hmm. Click.
   “You may continue working while Windows prepares updates.” Click. Click.
   “Windows must restart to install updates for programs and services. Save any open files and restart your computer.” Huh? You said I could…
   “Do you want to restart now?” No!
   “Windows must restart to install …” Click. Click. Click. Wait.
   “Windows is configuring update one of three. Do not turn off your computer.” Naughty Beth. Just wait.
   The black laptop screen reflects my image.
   Restart complete.
   “Windows has updated your computer. Click here to see the updates installed.” Go for it. Click.
   “Security Patch KB0..” click.
   Note to God: Um, if I may, did you see that?
   Note to Beth: Reboot.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sounds like time for a spot of tea.

Glen Staples said...

... and biscuits, probably Hob Nobs

Lynne Walker said...

You captured a moment that is all too familiar.