Monday, March 8, 2010

Part Two - The Lesson

Part two of the post regarding the flatmates from hell, but the lesson within:

The Lesson

So the lesson is I shouldn't trust so easily? That kind of sucks...
There was no way I could continue paying the way for these two irresponsible socialites.
I spoke to my Aunt (the one who tells me to water the grass) who was also the leaseholder.
We decided it was time for them to go.
I was so intimidated by them however, I could not tell them.
Instead, I wrote  a letter which I left on the table serving up notice and a tally of the money that was owed and went to my Aunt’s for a few days.
The make-up artist called me up informing me that they had rights and they were not going anywhere.
The next day the flatmates had enjoyed another massive night out.
They had made a mockery of the apartment and spent the day in bed – zonked out of their brains.
There was no signs of them moving out of bed, let alone out of the apartment.
My Aunt decided we had to get the message through in a stronger fashion.
She played “Bad Cop” as we tried ringing them, then knocking on their door.
After they ignored our knocking and ringing my Aunt decided to open up their door.
They had not paid rent or any of the phone bills for an extended period of time and things were not working out.
Well, didn’t this go down a treat!
The Graphic Designer responded by grabbing his deodorant can and spraying it at my Aunt.
The Make-up artist got out of bed and started going off tap.
She came right up to my face and screeched “You are a dog, I have been nothing but nice to you!”
Her breath smelt of a big night out......
You can view the entire story over here 


Sharnanigans said...

I didn't put link to the first one in case you missed it, couldn't get in to edit it??

Heather Conroy said...

Phwoar! I can smell that big night out breath from here :)