Thursday, March 4, 2010

In the blink of an eye

Sometimes it takes extraordinary circumstances to make you truly appreciate the ordinary; the everyday things that we so often take for granted.

Like sight, for example.

Last night I was pottering around the house, doing a bit of pool maintenance and while I was filling a container with caustic cleaning fluid, a drop splashed out of the bucket and straight into my eye.

At that moment, a wave of panic washed over me. As I rushed to the laundry, screamed for help, shot up some urgent, fervent prayers and started to flush my eyes under the tap, it dawned on me just how quickly things can be permanently altered.  All it takes is one slip, one wrong turn, one small accident and life can change forever.

Without my vision, I would never see another sunrise. The absolute delight of that moment when the sky starts to streak with colour would be permanently etched in my memory but would never again be experienced.

Without my vision, I would miss the joy of seeing my family and loved ones grow older. I would miss the cheeky smiles, unsaid words, winks, nods and silent tears I may ordinarily be able to wipe away.

If I was unable to see again, my freedom would be limited. I would never drive again and would be unable to step outside of my home alone.

Without my vision, I would never again be able to read a book; wouldn't be able to relish the moments when I can curl up with a cup of tea and totally immerse myself in a world of fiction. My ability to learn and discover via a trip to Borders would be something I would surely miss.

Without sight, I would feel detached from the world I have come to know as my own. I would be unable to cook, go for long walks, surf the Internet or watch a movie. I wouldn't be able to stand and take in a view, put on my makeup or clean my own house.

If I lost the ability to see, whilst it would certainly not be the end of my life, it would mean a tremendous loss of things I love so much, yet daily take for granted. 

Thanks to a quick reaction on my part, an even quicker jump to action by my beloved, and a prompt, thorough treatment at the local emergency department, I am relieved to report that all is now well with my eye. Whilst it is a little tender and puffy from all of the trauma, I have completely clear vision and no pain or side-effects. The doctor who followed us up this morning said that I was very lucky as alkaline-based products can be far worse and more damaging than acid.

Lucky? I think not. I am blessed to have a God who is looking out for me.

And blessed to have the gift of sight; something I want to appreciate and be thankful for every single day of my life.

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Mansi said...

So glad to know you're ok, Deb! You hit it right on -- I fear the loss of my limbs, my voice, and my sight all the time. I've seen far too many accidents that change life as yo know it in a snap. We ought to be grateful for all these things that we take for granted ...

Heather Conroy said...

In my sensory perception class I always ask my new students which sense would you choose to live without if you had to choose one. They never choose sight and it makes them all appreciate all their senses. So glad you recovered. Phew that was close!