Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on love and loss...

Today has been a tough day for my household.

Especially for our little Murphy.

My sweet little dog was out walking on the beach with me yesterday evening when he came across a little bit of discarded fishing bait. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as his walks usually involve lots of sniffing and nibbling of anything that looks even remotely flavoursome. So I wasn't too concerned until I realised that he was stopping to paw at his face because there was something hanging out of it.

Thinking that he had picked up a stick or piece of grass in his beard, I called him over to remove it. On closer inspection, I realised that it was a piece of fishing line with a sinker attached. After looking in his mouth, it dawned on me that the tasty morsel he had just munched on was more than likely still attached to a fish hook, which was now somewhere down his throat.

After a rushed trip to the vet, x-rays revealed that the hook was in fact stuck all the way down at the base of his oesophagus - one of the most unlikely and difficult places from which to retrieve it.

Our two options involved the use of an endoscope to remove the hook, or surgery.

We chose the least invasive option, which was the endoscope. This, however, proved unsuccessful as the large hook was becoming more firmly stuck with their attempts to remove it.

The last option was to try and get to it through the stomach.

Thankfully, our prayers were answered and the operation today was a success. Though he is not yet out of the woods, he is in good hands and we are believing he will make a full recovery. 

I fully understand that Murph is an animal; however, he is very much a part of our life. In 2 short years, he has firmly entrenched himself in our hearts and as a part of our family.

I do realise that he won't live forever but I simply wasn't prepared to say goodbye to him so soon.

But one thing I have been reminded of today is that loving means that you have to face losing

Thankfully, for us, not today. 
But someday, sure.

Loving brings the greatest moments of life - incredible joy and feelings of happiness and belonging.
But it also brings a vulnerability to loss and grief - something we inevitably have to face, often when we are least prepared for it.

Of course, the loss of a pet is not even on the same scale as the loss of a person... but still, it hurts.

Yet though loving means that I will have to face my share of pain and grief, I choose to love.

To love and to be loved is an immeasurable blessing.
And it is so much better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

I can't wait to have my little buddy back home, following me from room to room, just waiting for me to love him with games, cuddles and walks.....

Though maybe not walks on the beach for a while.  

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Ryan said...

They do have a way of working themselves firmly into our hearts. But the lesson of loving even though that leads to eventual pain and sadness, is a hard one to learn. I too have furry 4 legged ones and losing them one day will be painful, however, having them here, full of life and love, rather than languishing in a shelter somewhere, makes it easier to face the inevitable.
Thanks for the reminder to take each moment with them, and all of our loved ones, to heart.

Joyful Sparrow said...

Loving does mean risking losing. You've put it in such perfect words.

Love is quite scary simply because of it's risk, but what is life without love?

I'm so happy your little pup is ok, and you didn't have to say goodbye today. I know the day will eventually come when I'll have to say goodbye to my little fur-children, but I can't even stand to entertain the thought for more than a moment. So for now, I just love them as much as I can, and hope they live as long as possible.

Hugs to you, and those you love!

Marla said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Writer Unleashed said...

AW poor guy. I hope he feels better soon, bless him!

Katherine Jenkins said...

Beautiful pictures and story glad your little one will recover from this.