Saturday, November 13, 2010


Inside the altar
of my heart,
I knelt down before him.
My forehead touched his feet,
his hands gently rested
upon my bent back.
Waves of bliss rose,
mingled with tears
of pure joy.
I looked up at him
with misty eyes,
and immersed myself
in the shimmering
that sparkled within
his radiant eyes.

(Also posted on my blog)


Katherine Jenkins said...

I feel communion here! Beautiful Sai...thanks for sharing!!!

Sai said...

Thanks so much Katherine!

the wild magnolia said...

Wonderful poem!

Isn't it grand that we each have our sanctuaries and they are free and may
created wherever we choose.

Blessings and happy Sunday!

Thank you for sharing.

awitchtrying said...

This is very beautiful. I feel blessed just reading it!

Sai said...

@"the wild magnolia" - thank you for your kind comment! That's a beautiful thought about sanctuaries - we're truly blessed to be able to create heaven right here within us. Have a wonderful day!

@awitchtrying - thank you so much! :)