Monday, October 4, 2010

I Am Not Perfect

I am not curvy
or lady-like
in physical appearance
or mannerisms.

I am ambitious
and have a strong
sense of self-worth.

I snore
I hate shopping
I don't like socializing.

I hate doing the
and the dishes
and am no
fan of keeping
things organized

I like hanging out
with the guys
And can argue
Until the moon
goes to bed.

I am judgmental
and opinionated
and you've heard
me fart.

I am obsessed
with planning
and usually have
a Plan C and D
ready in case
A and B fail.

I prefer my space
and want you
to have yours.

I nag at times
and complain
that you give away
"my" unused things
to those who
need 'em.

I am selfish
and clingy
sometimes both at
the same time.

I don't like
sharing you
with anyone ...
not even your mom.

I am not patient
or wise
and I'm a
sore loser.

I keep grudges
and it's hard for
me to let go
even when I know
I should.

I am strongly opinionated
and will not
take advantage of
the perks that come
with "being a woman."

I am self-critical
and confused
about where I want to be
and what I want to do.

I lie at times
when I think it's
the reasonable thing to do
but also sometimes
because it's easier.

I dig my nose
and my ears
and will not wax
my armpits until
I absolutely have to.

I make excuses
for little things
when I don't need to
but still have the
urge to.

I recognize
all my "flaws"
and know that
perfection is but
a myth
a mirage
a non-attainable

It doesn't mean
I don't try to
become a
better person,
more tolerant
less critical
more accepting
less disparaging.

It doesn't mean
I don't strive
to improve
upon my shortcomings.

All it means
is recognizing
that perfection
isn't a standard
by which to judge
ourselves or fellow
human beings.

I am not perfect.

But my imperfections
make me the
unique person
I am.

They make me
the real me
not the person
I want to be
or pretend to be
but the person I am.

I am not perfect.

Are you?

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awitchtrying said...

That's wonderful! We all have perfection within, but that's simply the love I think we're made of. We all also fart and pick our noses. (If you say you don't, what planet are you from?) It's so healthy to see yourself honestly and realize that we're not meant to be perfect. If we were, what would we work towards? And working towards perfection is crazy, but working towards feeling good and being kind is, I think, our task here. Thank you so much for this honest, vulnerable, beautiful poem!

Hope said...

visited your blog today. Love the poem. straight to the point and very true

thank you for sharing

if you have time come by and visit mine

Andrew Swansson said...

Absolutly awesome !

Love it, Love it, Love it