Monday, March 15, 2010

Why Worry?

"Why Worry?
There should be laughter after pain,
There should be sunshine after rain
These things have always been the same
So why worry now?"

Relax! Most of the stuff we worry about doesn't even happen!

I used to be the ultimate worry wart.
I had a panic attack for every occasion. From financial woes to 'does my bum look big in this?' type dilemmas.
I was plagued with the 'what-ifs' and the 'what do they think of me's', I would have mini cardiac arrests about a mess in the house, an upcoming bill or the fact my hair colour was not quite the shade I was aiming for.
I barely got through a day without having to close my eyes  count slowly to ten picturing calm waters and smiling Buddhas!
It was so difficult to enjoy life because rather than being in the moment, my head was compiling predictions of doom!
My alter ego "Nostri-doom-us" hung around more than I care to admit.
These days I am the opposite.
Perhaps it was one too many panic attacks or the realisation that as a Mama my son is going to take his cues on how to react to life from his parents.
Some of the things I DON'T worry about now, would make my own parent's enter cardiac arrest territory.
They actually worry about my lack of worry at times! Crazy!
I have decided to trust in the flow of life and to put my energies into the things I can do, change and things that matter.
It is with pleasure that I have compiled Swami Sharni's Guide to Five things NOT to worry about (aside from anything)
1) Mess. It is inevitable (particularly with a one year old)
If you are a parent, you can mop the floors until your pearly whites are reflected back at you from it but in five minutes it is going to be smeared with watermelon and Vegemite. Worrying about this raises your blood pressure, makes you feel a failure  and is a waste of your precious mind.
ACCEPT MESS! Embrace it, enjoy it! Make it! Sure it is also wonderfully therapeutic to clean it, but do so with a healthy sense of humour knowing that your best scrubbing is only going to come undone sooner than you think.
2) Lack of Sleep - worrying about not getting enough is what makes you tired! So don't -a- worry!
Repeated declarations of how little sleep you have had (speaking from direct experience) "I only had THREE HOURS last night AND it was broken" makes you tired. Worrying about how you are going to get through the day makes it harder. Cut down on worrying about this and watch an amazing energy boost come into your life!
3) What other people think - As a great person once said "What other people think of me is not my business" Damn straight.
4) Weight - worry is futile. Action is key. Why worry about how fat you have become? Put the energy that you mull over it into belly dancing and kayaking! Worrying about it will only make you reach for the packet of Retro Party Mix.
5) Other people - you can stay awake all night troubled over a love one. You can make yourself cry, toss , turn and pull your hair out over someone else's dilemma. Truth is, sometimes we worry about someone else, but they are not worried themselves! Perhaps take a leaf out of their non-worried book and save yourself the anguish....
Are you a worrier? What is your worry philosophy?


Wendy said...

This is so true and each of your five things not to worry about hit the nail on the head - damn straight as you so clearly put it.

I am going to redirect anyone who comes to my blog to read this.

How about you put a post on here to tell us a little bit about how you changed and are still changing. Obviously you have put many lessons into practice and are reaping the results. Do Share.

Thanks, Wendy

Sharnanigans said...

Thanks very much Wendy.
So to clarify..would you would like to know my journey from someone who had panic attacks etc.. to someone who has a calm and positive approach?

Wendy said...

Yes - It is just that I found it interesting how you describe your previous worying self and how now you do not do these things anymore. I haven't looked in depth into your previous posts - I only just read this post tonight - I will go into your blog now and have a look around. Thanks for taking the time to answer me and maybe the answers I am looking for are already in your previous posts. Cheers, Wendy

Angelguided said...

Hi Sharni, love this post! I've perfected my exterior to show a calm, collected being of serenity. I may worry inside, but don't let others see it. I would rather take myself off and deal with my own worry in peace. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post Sharni. One way to start to stop worry is to start a practice of remaining present. Worry is a future tense issue.


Katherine Jenkins said...

I agree with Aine...if you are living in the present there's no time for worry..all you have is what's in front of you. I used to worry quite a bit, but somehow I don't anymore? Love your post and also commented on your website.