Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moving Forward

Give up, leave, move, opt in, opt out, change.

Big life altering decisions are tough and putting them off suspends you.

I call this the place Limbo. It is not a nice place to be, but it is safe. Any regrets, failures and impact won’t reach you there. But neither will any successes.

Eventually you have to take a leap of faith. This feels like letting go of one trapeze and grabbing on to the one that’s coming towards you.

On the other side all the consequences of your decision will be revealed.

There is no going back. And so you move forward.


Sharnanigans said...

oooh I like this Heather. I like it. I love grabbing on that rope and swinging into wherever it may take me. That is where life is! Limbo sucks!!!

Beth Chapman said...

Heather your writing reminds me of the latin version of decide - decidere: literally, to cut off, to cut off all options. It's like sitting on a tree branch and cutting the limb your sitting on. No going back then. I'm sincerely curious how your experience with the brain and the way patterns, or roads as my little brain thinks of them, would work as a metaphor or image of what your describing? You have a great way of bringing science to poetry/writing if you ever tackle this let me know.

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi Heather...I wonder what where the next trapeze will take you? You might like my newest post on my blog on change..maybe I'll post it here?

Marla said...

Thank you for writing this. Just what I needed to hear today.