Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thinking about Thinking

I have been thinking about thinking

That's a form of Metacognition

I'm thinking now that I think all day

I don't need to go to the beach to think - but it's a serious thinking place

I think that I could do some serious thinking here

Lucky I have plenty of thought storage space

Storage for important thoughts that I might need later.

Are all thoughts important?

They obviously matter

Cats think but do they think about thinking?

Let's not forget about thoughtful dogs

I don't need words to think because I know what I'm thinking already

Knowing about Knowing

That's also Metacognition


Just some of my thoughts on thinking

All images from WeHeartIt

Except the picture of the cat - which belongs to my dad

Hat tip Jenny Juckel


Anonymous said...

Heather! What a cool post. I love how you intertwined images and thoughts. Very inspiring :)

angelguided said...

you showed what's going on in my head today! Love the cat, I think all my cat thinks of is chicken, he loves chicken lol! :)

Beth Chapman said...

Well, I didn't need to make coffee at 4 a.m., you just woke up my brain. This was really cool, especially the images. I'm looking forward to your next post that shows how to channel thinking! Think about it.

marcime said...

hmm, love the words and images together and all the empty space...to think in...how creative - Heather - I concur about our ability to know without words...

sometimes i think we think too much
(this is why i am an insomniac sometimes)

i don't agree with Descartes:
I think therefore I am