Monday, February 15, 2010

Introducing...S. Dawn Sievers & Healing Morning

Hello to all my fellow Writers Rising!  My name is Dawn and I am the author of Healing Morning blog, which is my everyday approach to spirituality.  I write about topics that capture my imagination, touch my heart, make me ponder deeply and most importantly inspire me to write.  (Btw, my apologies for the fuzzy quality of the attached photo - I'm working on getting some new photos done and will tweak that in the near future.)

I am, to my very core, a writer.  It is the most enduring trait that I have.  Being very aware of the fact that I suffer from what I call "Low Boredom Threshold", I can state with confidence that it is an impressive feat for one specific trait to remain solid beginning from my earliest childhood years through to current adult years.  Writing is that one constant and I fully expect to continue writing for the rest of my life.  It has been my solace through difficult times, my joy in happy times, my source of income for the past nine years and has brought me full circle in the past 18+ months, right back to joyous expression.

I discovered the genre of blogging in September 2009 during a time period of inner searching, born of the conscious desire to stay useful with writing as I wrestled my way through a stage of transition.  I had no idea that that one small step would culminate in such a rich odyssey of discovery.  I created my personal blog, Healing Morning, and went on to connect with fellow bloggers.  I then discovered that blogging "lives" quite visibly in the world of Facebook and Twitter, so I joined various blogging groups in those formats.

That lead to a partnership with a fellow blogger and the creation of a new Facebook blogging group called Authentic Blogger, and a subsequent creation of a sister blog, The Authentic Blogger, all occurring in December 2009.  The exposure of Healing Morning blog posts there and in other blogging groups connected me with Katherine Jenkins and we began to learn of one anothers' respective blogs.  This past weekend of Valentine's Day 2010, Katherine invited me to become a contributing writer here with Writers Rising. 

I was delighted to accept and very proud of this nod of recognition for my writing and the ideas I present at Healing Morning.  I found the correlation of this invitation happening on Valentine's Day weekend to be rather lovely - I see it as a unique gift that celebrates the love, for me, of writing.  A very apropo virtual Valentine card to me, from Spirit/God/Universe and Miss Katherine, and appreciated more than any gift of flowers or corporeal card.  It is a nod to the thing, the act, the creation of what makes me happiest and defines my Spirit. 

It is perhaps of note to comment that I am a southern writer, raised in East Tennessee, so you might often hear phrasing and southernisms sprinkling throughout my writing.  I find beauty in the unique, lyrical cadence of my southeastern roots, and I celebrate it, quite consciously, in my writing. 

I look forward to becoming an active member of this wonderful community and see that I am in very lofty company.  I already follow many of the blogs featured here and am friends with many of these gifted authors.  I hope that readers here at Writers Rising will find my blog posts to be a source of inspiration, humor, quiet strength, unexpected joyful moments and those indefinable experiences that touch the heart.  That is why I write and what I always strive to achieve with my work. 


angelguided said...

Welcome Dawn, just checked out Morning healing. I will be dropping by often as your journey resonates with my soul :)

Marla said...

I look forward to reading more, Dawn. Welcome!

marcime said...

Welcome Dawn! you'll enjoy it here, I can tell - I am from Belly UP and read your blog post about stackable energy from Kathy's recommendation - that was such a an excellent way to describe a process that we cannot see - i thank you for that.

Healing Morning said...

Angel Guided, I read your kind comment on my Stackable Energy post at Healing Morning and pulled your blog up in return. I am now following you & look forward to reading more of your work. This group is such a deep blessing, as there are many writers who "speak my language" in regard to spiritual/metaphysical thoughts. I have been asking to find just such a group, and am happy to find another new home!

Maria & Marcime, thank you for the warm welcome. I will investigate both your blogs later this evening when I have more time. I am excited to meet everyone & enjoy all the great writing. Marcime, thank you for taking time to visit Healing Morning & read Stackable Energy - I plan to share that post here this week. It is the post that prompted Katherine to invite me to join Writers Rising, so it will forever have a special place in my heart.

Namaste' to you all, my friends.


Beth Chapman said...

Twiced grace. Welcome and just sit yo'self down southern style. Elbows on this table fully expected.

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi Dawn-haven't had a chance to jump in here and welcome you officially. So great to have you as a writer on WR. Can't wait to read you posts and all that you have to offer! Welcome Welcome to our lovely group!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, glad you have joined us.


Healing Morning said...

Beth, I loved your comment - that's one that my Grandmother used to say often. Twice graced. No higher praise in southern terms, right?! I look forward to plenty of long, chatty kitchen table moments. I'll bring the tea, we'll find the table, both virtual and corporeal, because I know it will occur r/t soon!

Katherine, thank you for the warm welcome AND for the invitation to join. I am having so much fun meeting all the writers in this group and am appreciative of the fact that many writers here speak my own language.

Aine, what a sweet smile it gave me to see you here also! I am well blessed with such good company!

~ Dawn