Monday, January 25, 2010

Introducing "Marcime" aka Marcella Corroeli Jager

It was late friday night and I needed a story, something maybe about daily Buddhism, something to make me feel all is well with this world. Something I could go to sleep with. I stumbled upon Lessons from the Monk I Married. Now that sounds interesting, really really interesting. I read, I commented, I became a follower, I slept well. Kathy responded, read and became a follower on my blog that badly needs a following (not many of my readers blog, most are hidden and leave me comments on email or on the street!)  I was grateful - wow, someone noticed, someone wants to follow what I write - and this from someone that writes so well herself. I felt all glow-y.
Then Kathy dropped the bomb and invited me to write on this blog. My weekend became a good-karma-bomb - and all because I wanted a bedtime story. I feel very grateful to the wide wily web of life for this opportunity.

I decided to introduce myself to who YOU all are - and I found out - what lives you lead  - we are all such a diverse group  - and what interestsing things you observe and write about! wow. this could be fun. Karma-bomb indeed. I feel so privileged to connect with you, learn from you.

If you click on "marcime" in the contributors list to the left - you'll find my profile and my blog.  I am interested in becoming published one day very soon and then, again and again and again after that. My genre is mostly (though not exclusively) creative non-fiction which is just creative and reflective recollection...amazing how one tiny thing can become a huge elaborate story given time and distance to see it for what it is.
Memory to me is like latent energy, a remnant of what once was, that is still alive,  luminous,  present - if you make it so... if you write it so.

 Cheers and Peace !-  Marcella (marcime)


Katherine Jenkins said...

Welcome Marcella, It's so GREAT to have you here. I also feel so lucky to have found your blog Belly Up. I immediately noticed that you are an excellent writer, full of detail and have a great talent in painting a scene or "showing". I was drawn to this, because this is what I need to work on and you do it so beautifully. Not just good Karma, you are good yourself so people get attracted to that. Welcome, Welcome and I look forward to your posts!

Pamela Bousquet said...

Marcime -
Thank you so much for the kind words! And Welcome to you too!!! :) I'm so looking forward to following you and your progress - I have much to learn, and YOU have much to offer!
Peace! - Pam

marcime said...

Thanks all! I look forward to this collaboration of spirits and minds...

Heather Conroy said...

Marcime-Writer's Rising is fun! I agree that writing preserves memories by bringing them into the present. With fresh eyes and through writing I can see where I've been and why I went that way.