Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy to Be Here

My thanks to Kathy for inviting me to share this beautiful space. I found Kathy and her incredible site through my friend Sharni who interviewed me for her own blog. Sharni found me while searching for blogs about New York City, a place she'd like to travel to. What a glorious, tangled web blogging weaves.

I am a product developer by day and a writer by night. I spend time writing every day, and now it has become a wonderful, happy habit, just like brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, and doing yoga. It keeps my mind fit and active, and has brought me connections with so many wonderful people whom I may have never otherwise met.

In 2009, I blogged every day about something that made me more hopeful. It was my New Year's Resolution in 2009 to be more hopeful every day and bring that hope to others. Blogging helped me accomplish both of those things. I'm turning those posts into an e-book that I hope to have done in March. This year I'm taking all of that hope and every day blogging about one little step I'm taking toward building an extraordinary life in 2010.

This month I launched my new site complete with my full blog as well as content pages that highlight some of the other projects I'm working on: my yoga teacher certification and an after-school program in East Harlem for middle school students interested in product development and entrepreneurship.

I've always wanted to join a writing group and have poked around at a few though I never found one that had the right vibe until now. Then Kathy invited me to this group and my first reaction was, "ah, yes. This is the feeling I was looking for." My unending thanks to Kathy for inspiring me with her own writing and inviting me to be here with all of you. And of course to Sharni, my blogging sister down-under. I look forward to the conversation!

The photo above is me having fun in a park near my apartment. Photo taken by my pal, Dan Fortune.


Sharnanigans said...

Woo-hoo welcome to the gang! So good to have you here!!!!! Sister from Down Under i like it.... xx

Katherine Jenkins said...

Welcome to Writers Rising Christa. So Nice to see you here! We have a lot in common. I am writing 365 Lessons on my blog and I also plan to make it into a book or calendar or something ^_^. I am also writing a book about my journey with my husband. The other thing we have in common is yoga. My husband is a yoga teacher in the Seattle area. Yes, it is very interesting how we all get connected!! Looking forward to your posts!

Eco Yogini said...

Welcome!! :) I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts Christa!


Christa said...

Thanks so much, Sharni, Kathy, and Eco Yogini! I am so thrilled to be here.

marcime said...

Hey Christa - looking forward to reading your writing - I did look at your blog and read some bits - you have a neat perspective - and so full of detail that the reader can use!

Pamela Bousquet said...

Welcome Christa - I'm looking forward to getting know more about you - seems like you might have some great advice on discipline - which I'm struggling with in my writing habits! Thank you for joining us!
Peace! -Pam

Christa said...

Hi Pam and Marcime,
I'm excited to be here with all of the wonderful writers on this site. I know I'm going to learn so much being a part of this community!

Heather Conroy said...

Hi Christa,

Thanks for passing on your writing wisdom. I love the connections that writing has helped me to make with so many people in so many places. I look forward to your future posts!