Sunday, January 31, 2010

Awards for YOU!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful writing on Writers Rising. We are continuing to grow and add new authors every day. Today, Tony (a fellow Writers Riser) presented this site with two awards. Tony has a wonderful blog called Artisan of the Human Spirit and he also has a book coming out this year. I look forward to more excellent writing, thoughts and observations by all the people here. It is so wonderful to share this space with all of you. I believe that when we work together and share our thoughts and ideas, we begin to understand more about the world and each other. This is our own little virtual writing group. Make use of it by sharing your writing here and by leaving comments for the other writers on this site. If you have any suggestions on how this site could be further developed, send me an e-mail. In the meantime, keep writing and keep sharing. That's what this place is all about. These awards are for ALL of you. Much peace, Katherine

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