Sunday, January 26, 2014

Walking into Mindfulness

I am walking everyday for a 30-day challenge - a small step towards a better life.
I am finding that minus 20 weather is a real de-motivator.
But I go because I have committed to this new life one day at a time.
No skips.
I have found that when I do things I don't want to do,
I can either shut myself off to the unwanted experience
or I can enter it, open to whatever it will bring me. 
I am free to choose either one.


Cynthia Pittmann, PhD said...

Good luck on your new plan. You seem determined that certainly will take you far. I can relate to the idea because I walk a lot and do yoga. This year I told myself that I will walk many days a week and do yoga (at the studio)three days a week.

I think I should decide to walk everyday. It's just that I write when I wake up and I would have to walk after that - before work. I have just realized that since my car has been out of service, I have been walking every day! haha. I just didn't plan it!

I think that having a plan such as yours requires determination and builds willpower! I await your update on how it is going! :)

Marcella Corroeli Jager said...

I like it when I am forced to walk or bike because my car is out of service - but when i do havce the choice...yes, walking everyday is more of a discipline - and I am a free spirit type who recognizes the wisdom in building good habits to build a good life...I've been too free in the past - procrastination and waiting for inspiration being two of my key downfalls - but I can see that the self-application of restraints/discipline can reap such rewards! So I am trying to build new habits/discipline one thing at a time and so walking is first, adding some daily yoga will be second and so on...We seem to be on a similar wave-length - I should take a peek at your writing blog - you can peek at mine -

Cynthia Pittmann, PhD said...

Yes, Marcella. I will come over and look at your blog. I find routine can sometimes become stressful too. Sometimes I need to find a new exercise - even thinking about it gives me energy. I do yoga in the studio about 3 times a week. It's ashtanga so sometimes I resist going. I learned and taught gently hatha yogo but now (as I get older) I want to build strength. I also want to bike some...I keep thinking about riding to the beach, going for a swim and riding back. I have to buy a bike first! Nice to meet you.