Monday, December 6, 2010

Gone are the days...

Gone are the days
when you could
put an upside down
container on your head
and pretend to
be a fireman
or a space cadet
or zombie.

Gone are the days
when you could
laugh out senseless
and roll on the floor
thanks to a
fart or burp
or other bodily sounds.

Gone are the days
when dewdrops
mesmerized you and
Mr. Moon excited you
no end; when a
fountain was all
you needed to
make your world complete.

Gone are the days
when everything was
new and held promise
when you didn't know
what tomorrow was
but you knew it
would be bright
like today.

Gone are the days
when you uninhibitedly
and kissed
those who made you
feel special.

Gone are the days when
the loss of a toy truck
was the biggest tragedy
of your life
and the acquisition
of a new one
your biggest triumph.

Gone are the days when
you could laugh
and cry wantonly
when you could
love with
utmost passion
when you could
pick yourself up
dust yourself off
and carry on
with the same

Gone are the days when
you didn't know
the meaning
of prejudice
or hardship.

Gone are the days
when your existence
was simple
your needs basic
your wants
limited to icecream
and one more ride
on a toy train.

Gone are the days
when you were
really, truly, genuinely
When you lived
the meaning of
and didn't just
read about it
in a book.

Gone are the days
when you were




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the wild magnolia said...


Glen said...

very impressive

pascal said...

They're not gone. Days of childhood are always présent in my spirit and in my memory.
I like your poetry. Go on to to be fascinated as I was when I was eight or ten.

Eric Alder said...

Hey, I'm not giving up those days ever! (And you can't make me!)

Fun 55!

marcime said...

I am sad that those days are gone for you Mansi - !
Speaking for myself,here, I guess I never said goodbye to those days...who says those things are only for children? Those attributes, conditions and characteristics are for humans - children and adult alike. Adults are free to enjoy life by their own terms and balance that with responsibilities.