Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Without Words

As I ride the train to work I am silent, so too are a large share of the passengers. Books, newspapers, makeup application, Ipods (and the odd dozer!) – they all negate the need for interaction with strangers. That’s fine I suppose, who wants to struggle with uncomfortable conversation before your first double soy ‘ccino?

Personally I people-watch, a habit a picked up from my mum while trailing her and her friend on shopping expeditions. How people move and behave during silence tells great stories about that person. It makes for fascinating additions to my mental library of odd public transport occurrences….it would make great book fodder! Ive seen people cry in silence, Ive seen people dramatically pass wind! Ive seen break ups, and Ive seen chat ups, and the reflection in the windows is better than any late night TV drama.

But it often gets me thinking about human movement itself, and how it speaks louder than the idle chatter on the platforms, or the droning of the uninspired train driver over the PA.

>>>>   LXD @ TED

I watched this video (above) today, and saw performers move in ways that normally defies convention. They also talked about how they communicated through dance – the control that their inbuilt passion had over their bodies was astounding. And I was reminded that our actions, however clich├ęd, always speak louder than words.

You can talk about your ideas, your inspirations, your motivators, your dreams, until dusk falls. But without measured (dance)steps towards an objective, it will always be just that – TALK.

Jacob said that when you take a step you have two directions; forward, or sideways. Id push this idea further by suggesting that the steps are always forward. If you make a move on a chess board, sideways is often a strategic move… so how can that NOT be going forward?! If you try to make a forward move and end up sideways, then that is an education, and that sort of knowledge is so valuable that it too, is going forward. Do you see where I am coming from?

We can all dance (no matter how daggy) but WHEN we move, the choices we make, define us greater than anything we could ever say. Im sure you’ve been saying something a lot. Now just go out there and boogie on down!!


And you can watch more VERY cool cross-discipline dancing here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94ah1u1ypBY

xx Kaye


Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi Kaye,

So much can be learned from just witnessing life. Thanks for the post. Interesting that you wrote this now, as I just posted on this yesterday. The post was entitled "Sometimes Words are Unnecessary"
Peace to you, Kathy

Miss Kaye said...

Great minds think alike! :D

Susan said...

Lille - thanks for stopping by my blog today:) Your generous words are greatly appreciated - and very timely:)

Susan (and zebra's:))

Lynne Walker said...

Wow--very interesting. Thanks for sharing.