Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gratitude, feedback, a request, and something for nothing..........

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the best place for this sort of thing, but I figured that most of you would read it here.

Some Gratitude

First of all thanks for all the posts! I am really appreciating your writing and ideas. I do have trouble keeping up with all your posts, and I would like to spend more time commenting, but I have a deadline and I am on an internet restriction. I have thought about just leaving a :) to indicate I have read your posts, but instead I'll just say it here. Thanks for your comments on my (infrequent) posts.

Some Feedback

Is anyone else finding that the Writer's Rising page takes ages to load? It might be just me but I have my suspicions about the widget globe thingamujig. If it is that is there anyway we could bypass that besides just reading RSS feeds?

In my reader (IGoogle) RSS feeds don't include comments, so I always open up the blog to check them out and wait and wait for the page to open. Any ideas? Any solutions?

A Request

Finally, I would welcome any tips on productivity, writing, editing, and managing long projects that you have found useful. I am trying to finish off something big and I need all the help and inspiration that you can offer.

And here is something for nothing

My current favourite productivity mantra: One thing at a time. Most important thing first. Start now.



Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi Heather, I had this problem. I don't think it has to do with the widgets per se, but more to do with your flash players. If you don't have updated flash players on your computer, it will take a long time for the page to load. If you install Adobe flash players, it should fix the problem. Sometimes you have to uninstall and install them again.

As for a writing schedule. I don't have one, but writing is my life. I live and breathe it and I just do it without giving it too much thought. I think it depends where writing fits in to your life and also your personality. Some people work well on a schedule and others tend to work for long chunks of time in one sitting.

I too don't get to comment as often as I'd like to with all that is going on. I'm going to try and do so more..even if it's a smily face. I'm thinking of setting up a Facebook page so we can have discussions there about this site. What do you think?

Heather Conroy said...

Thanks Katherine-I will try that (have we had this conversation before? It seems familiar-if so my apologies!)

Thanks for your writing advice- I think my problems lies with academic writing. I am finding it so challenging.

Yes!! a Facebook Page!!! Great idea!

Wanderlust said...

Hi Heather, I struggle with the same thing (in regards to writing and projects). Time is something I have so little of and I struggle with how best to fill the bits of it I do have. I find I tend to gravitate towards doing the easy and quick things (reading other blogs!) or the familiar, rather than the more onerous and often more rewarding tasks.

I recently made a list of things I had hanging over my head that i wanted to complete and started in on them, one by one. Even though it wasn't much fun, I found that as I moved through the list, I felt better. It was like getting unstuck and it released some emotional energy that was tied up in worrying about NOT getting them done and I felt lighter. I still have much on my list, but I feel better for having made progress.

Good luck!

Heather Conroy said...

Hi Kirstin,

Amen to all you say and you know what? It really helps to hear how you tackled your tasks and the intrinsic reward. Thanks!