Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grasshopper thoughts, Vol. I, Part I

You're wondering what in the world 'grasshopper thoughts' are, right? This is my way of describing how my mind works. If you've been outside on a hot summer day, walking through a field, then you know that grasshoppers possess a remarkable ability to jump in the most bizarre, unexpected ways and angles seconds before you walk upon their location. This is how my brain activity functions. I have several blogging friends who label these blog posts things like "Popcorn Posts" (Anahid Boghosian's Fireside Moments) and "Pleasantly Disturbed Thoughts" (Duane Scott). These posts happen when we writerly types have a slew of thoughts that don't really settle into one nice, cohesive, smoothly communicated line of prose.

As I admit that I am, at times, more serious than I need to be, I decided after a couple of conversations with the two friends mentioned above that I would adopt this format and make it unique to me. You may enjoy the disjointed thoughts that take sudden, quirky jumps in a completely unexpected direction, only to fly off at another bizarre angle moments later. You may not like this format at all - I just know that I'm enjoying the sheer freedom this concept provides, so here goes...the first Grasshopper Thoughts epistle!

Golden raisins - who, other than myself, is a fan of these little jewels? Do many even realize they exist, overshadowed by the more traditional dark raisins? Golden raisins are actually called Sultanas, a fact I just learned by going to my old friend, Wikipedia. Take a moment to click on the link and learn some fascinating information! I just happen to prefer these golden lovelies because they're not so overpoweringly strong in flavor and lend themselves to various foods better than the darker raisin variety.

Spinning wool into thread - I just have to wonder about this one. Who was it that was musing in the fields of sheep one fine day and decided, "I do believe I'll shear those critters, do complicated things to the wool and even more complicated processes to produce this thin filament and call it 'thread'!" Whomever this intrepid soul was, my hat is off to him/her. This then makes me ponder the next thing in line, which is who came up with the concept and design of the spinning wheel. See what I mean? A typical grasshopper line of thought.

Dark chocolate & raspberries w/ salt. Need I say more? I think there is no more sublime a combination than melted dark chocolate - of at least 80% pure cacao - and ripe raspberries with a sprinkling of sea salt. I'm not really a sweets eater as a general rule, but when I do want something sweet, this is it.

Honeysuckle mornings....ahh, nothing better! You are not reading the blog of a true Morning Person, just know that right here and now. On the rare occasion that I'm up with daybreak, it is generally due to the fact that I've been on a writing jag through the night and haven't gone to bed yet. This post is being written in the midst of June 2010 and East Tennessee is in the grips of an early, hot summer. Humidity is thick enough to cut with a knife, stealing oxygen from the air we breathe, stifling the lungs as we step outside. In the wee hours of dawn, however, that same humidity coaxes delicate, heady fragrance from the honeysuckle that climbs the hill behind my patio. I sit, eyes closed and breathe the fragrance in as I listen to the day awakening around me....and my heart is mind, for a brief moment at least....calmed from grasshopper thoughts...temporarily.

Mascara - it's all about the brush, people. Ladies, I have no doubt that you get this immediately. Gentlemen, I doubt you get it at all and that you probably don't care to learn! For those of you who worship cosmetics with gleeful abandon (I'm guilty, yet proud to be in this sisterhood), you know that perfect brush is the secret to long, full, curled-just-right eyelashes. I am on an eternal hunt for the next best creation, but I always come back to a tried and true favorite. Thankfully, it is one that has a cult following and has been on the market for close to twenty years, so I believe I am safe from the dreaded "DISCONTINUED" disease that is rampant in high end cosmetics!

I declare this to be as good a point as any to stop with my grasshopper journey. Never fear, this will be a continuing post. I'll be curious to see how it is received and how many of you out there have similar jumbled thoughts running through your minds at any given moment! There is absolutely no unifying theme or purpose here, other than to jot down my thoughts as these topics flit with maniacal grasshopper gymnastics along the fringes of my conscious mind.

I think it's healthy to give these grasshopper thoughts voice - I'm sure, in fact, that my gray matter is probably breathing a silent sigh of relief that I'm bestowing some semblance of order here. Yes, I know...our brains don't breathe sighs of relief, per se. Which brings up a grasshopper be continued in Vol. I, Part II....
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Anonymous said...

I love the grasshopper thoughts! Your blog should indeed go forth and prosper with them. My mind works very similarly, and your spinning-wool train of thought resonates with my constant questioning of how so many things first came about, how people were so curious and resourceful enough to figure such processes out...granted, I'm sure it took countless trials and errors to find the formula that worked, yet that they would persist until it did, but I digress...

This reminds me very much of a book I read a couple years ago by a writer who could think of no other way to capture her miscellaneous observations--Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Rosenthal, the ultimate grasshopper thinker. It's a most random, hilarious, sentimental, and, in an assortment of ways, insightful read, as your grasshopper thoughts are so far proving to be!

Healing Morning said...

FallenMonkey, it's a fun format, isn't it?! I fully enjoyed writing it and intend to continue with this concept in the future. I am finding that others share this same trait, proving we are all so similar if we're willing to open up and show a few hidden tidbits about ourselves. I'll have to look Amy Rosenthal's book up and also visit your blog in return. Thank you for your kind comment & for sharing your own random thought process!

~ Dawn

Lynne Walker said...

I love your grasshopper thoughts--both the concept and the execution.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

I love the idea of your grasshopper thoughts- and I know just what you mean...our thoughts go here and there...and you wrote so cleverly about yours.

btw I want to know what's your favorite tried and true mascara brush!
Thanks for sharing!

Healing Morning said...

Lynne, thank you for your kind words! I enjoyed this post so much - embracing my freewheeling thoughts & capturing the process in written format was pure fun, so it's nice to know others are enjoying right along with me!

Cynthia, my tried & true mascara that I always come back to is L'Oreal Lash Out in Black/Brown. The brush is very dense and helps to separate and define my lashes; I find that the brushes w/ widely spaced bristles make my lashes clump together. *L* I sound like I'm writing advertising copy! That's the brand I go back to over and over, so give it a whirl and see if you like it!

Thank you for sharing my grasshopper thoughts and leaving me such a nice comment!

~ Dawn