Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cheeky Aussie, What a Hide!

This is really cheeky so I hope you will forgive me using this precious Writers Rising Space to appeal to my fellow writers who rise for their help :-)

You know how I run lots of giveaways on my website, well this time I need your help to win something.

There is a competition on Mama Mia website to win a Samsung Digital Camera.

I could dearly do with one of these babies to assist with this website.

To win, people simply have to vote on my comment, by giving it the thumbs up ( a click)

It only takes a couple of seconds

Please help me win the camera by clicking here and giving me the thumbs up 

My comment is under SHARNI as you will see I am well in the lead, but anything could happen between now and Thursday and the only way I can win is to get the support of my fellow writers! 

I will be MOST GRATEFUL for your thumbs Writers Rising - and again - please forgive me using this space for such things ;-)


marci-me said...

I left you a thumbs up Sharni (really, a lovely girl she is...)
you seem to have the lead!

Sharnanigans said...

thanks Marci Xx

Sharnanigans said...

I won - thanks.... Marci xx