Friday, May 21, 2010

365 Lessons-Lesson 141: Love All Beings (Especially Cats)

This cat actually crawled up on my neck and was purring as if it had a little motor inside. The last time we walked along the Burke Gilman trail in Seattle, we ran into this lion-like animal. He (she?) crawled up on my husband's neck and just stayed there for what seemed like forever. I thought we'd have to walk back to the car with my husband wearing this furry creature as a scarf.

How could you not stop and pet this cat. We saw bicyclists speeding along at 20 miles an hour jump off their bikes to pet this kitty who seemed to have an infinite supply of love. It just goes to show that what goes around comes around. The cat gives love and so many want to give it back. There's no way I could pass by this big, furry thing without giving it a little love.

We knew the cat was near by because a bicyclist decked out in biking gear...helmet, shades, padded bike shorts, the works...had abandoned her quest to conquer the Burke Gilman trail at rapid speed all for a cat. We could hear her down on her knees near the bushes saying, "Oh, kitty, you're so handsome." My husband and I stopped, we couldn't help it. The woman exclaimed, "This cat is so friendly, how can you not stop."

This regal looking creature abandoned the bicyclist in the bushes, eager to welcome it's new guests. First, the cat came trotting over to me, tail perfectly straight, and gave me a warm, fuzzy welcome.

Then the cat pranced it's way over to my husband and they exchanged a little moment with each other.

Finally, the cat turned in my direction again. Eager to soak up as much love as it could get, the cat climbed up on my shoulder and just lay there completely content.

This little, momentary exchange with an animal who seemed so eager to spend loving time with us really made my day. It made me realize how important our actions are and what an impact they can have on others. This cat was not afraid to be loving and in turn made me feel that way too. It was a beautiful and made me feel really happy the rest of the day. Here's a little video of that experience. May you be happy and peaceful. May you be loving to yourself and all creatures big and small.

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Pamela Bousquet said...

We can learn so much from our animal friends, can't we? A precious posting, Kathy!

Thank you for your support - I'm glad to be "back." As Dawn mentioned in a posting recently, sometimes it's good to step away.

I've missed you and everyone here as well, and will be making sure I take a little more "me" time to read and follow my fellow bloggers - I always come away feeling grateful and fulfilled!


Katherine Jenkins said...

Yes, it is good to step away sometimes. Good for YOU! It's nice to see you back again. Peace to you and glad you liked my furry friends post.

Sai said...

Loved your story, Katherine! Reminds of my chance encounters with loving stray animals. I always walk away feeling happier. :-)

Angelguided said...

This is so lovely! I love cats, I have two myself, one who is what I call my guru cat, as he always knows when someone needs a little love and healing sitting on their lap to exchange love. I have been out of the loop too, it is good to be back, your cat story worked its magic to bring me back to love.:)

Katherine Jenkins said...

Sai-As I recall you wrote two beautiful animal stories-One about a cat and one about a dog. They were beautifully written!

Angelguided-I don't have any animals, but I LOVE all animals. The ones that come out of no where to give a little love are like little angels. The thing about many animals is that they have no qualms about giving love to anyone. They don't care who you are or if they know you. I think that's beautiful.

Miss Kaye said...

hehe What a little fatty-boombah!