Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Twitter Delivers

I’m enjoying Twitter. Most days I am tuning in to other people’s thoughts, complaints and shared information because I am chained to my computer for up to 8 hours a day.
And because I’m working from my home I have lost that angsty space that exists between work and home-The Commute.

I think I must really miss it because lately I’ve caught myself following the tweets of a 20 something Australian girl as she is homeward bound on an (often late) Brisbane train.

At 4.04pm she tweets: Why the hell am I only at Bowen Hills when I left work 50 minutes ago?! Goddamn #bnept.

4.08pm She then tunes in to the conversations around her: This yuppie across from me on the train is gossiping about someone jumping on the tracks near her house. I really don't want to hear it :(

4.10pm : And apparently gay men tip better than straight men. I'm assuming the girl is a waitress. #traintalk

4.17pm She receives the following complaint about Sydney train passengers by another commuter - Seriously. Can Sydneysiders please learn to put their bags on their laps or on the floor? I would like a seat too.

4.17pm She advises - ask them to move. I also glare at people or talk to others there about it loudly.

4.21 pm (I imagine an exasperated, weary tone) Finally approaching train station. Long trip home this one has been. Stupid.

Then nothing for an hour or so and I imagine her off the train and walking towards home, checking the mail, letting the cat out and kicking off her shoes.

*Sigh*- I really do miss coming home.

Hat Tip @nicolejensen


zz said...

The emotional rollercoaster of the train commute home. Mine is about 45min to an hour too, can't imagine my train tweets would be too interesting to read:

zz finds seat inbetween two suits who refuse to move or make it easy to get in.

zz shoves bag (accidentally on purpose) in face of suit on the aisle seat so as to get into the small space next to him.

zz falls asleep (accidently on purpose using window seat suit's shoulder as a pillow.


Heather Conroy said...

Ah ZZ the commuter battles that make returning home so sweet...

kbxmas said...

Heather, I love this post. I was right there with you, or with her, on that train.