Saturday, April 17, 2010

G'Day Mate, Introducing Andrew Swansson

Greeting & Salutations from Brisbane Australia

The Andrew Swansson Story

First up I’d just like to say a huge G’day to you all and thank Katherine Jenkins for introducing me to Writers Rising.

I only started writing my Blog “ The Soap Box Truth ” about 6 weeks ago after being introduced to blogs by my sister Wendy.

I have always enjoyed writing and have been looking for a forum to share both my writing and my poetry for some time now.

I originate from large mining town called Mt Isa in Central Far North Queensland but have lived most of my life in the bright lights of Brisbane, Queensland.

I am a single dad to a fantastic 12 year old young man by the name of Dylan ( Alias “ Grub ” ) who lives with me since his mother and I separated.

I work fulltime in the steel industry as WHS / QA, enjoy writting / poetry / photography & drawing, I have been a Professional Massage Therapist for over 20 years, I am Spiritual but not Religious ....... tbc

I could go on and on about the smaller details of my life but truth be told, I am just an average working class dad nothing more, nothing less who has something to say and is willing to get up on his soap box to tell anyone who can hear.

One of the principle reasons I started to write was to share my stories, feelings, beliefs and ideas with my son. I honestly believe one of the greatest tragedies in life is to not know who your parents are as people and not just figures of authority.

One of the other reasons was to share my poetry with whoever will listen.

My blogs to date tend to be about the world through my eyes and can tend to cover any topic that is relevant to my day. I do write a lot about my son who is a constant inspiration to me and also about Depression and Mental Health Issues which has strongly influenced my life for the last 16 years as a primary career.

I sincerely look forward to contributing to Writers Rising and hope that you enjoy reading my entries even a fraction as much as I enjoy writing them.

I have read many brilliant contributions to Writers Rising and other individual Blogs to date and also look forward to any assistance anyone can offer in refining my writing skills.

Until then, ciao from the land down under.

Andrew Swansson
The Soap Box Truth


Sai said...

Welcome, Andrew! Looking forward to hearing your soap box truths. :-) I'd like to say that you come from a beautiful country - I visited Melbourne and Ballarat last year and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Marla said...

Welcome, Andrew!

I must disagree with you on one point, however. When you said, "I am just an average working class dad": I see nothing average about you. Any man that steps up to raise his child, opens his heart so that child will know who his father is on the inside and is humble-hearted as you seem to be, is anything but average.

kbxmas said...

Welcome Andrew, nice to meet you. I look forward to reading your contributions. I'll stop by and visit your blog.

I adore Australia and have been to both Mt. Isa and Brisbane.


Katherine Jenkins said...

Ditto to what Marla, said. You are an exceptional human being, Andrew. I know this from sharing comments with you. I'm so glad to have you part of this community!

Heather Conroy said...

G'Day Andrew- nice to meet you!