Thursday, April 22, 2010

100 Things

by Kristin (kbxmas)
This was posted on my blog, Wanderlust, where it truly is my 100th post.

In honor of my 100th post, I offer you 100 bullet points.
  • 100 posts
  • 5 months
  • 58 sexy flags
  • A web of connections across the continents
  • new friends, more than I dreamed
  • a world opened up before me
  • one marriage, lost
  • one voice, found
  • one future, unknown
  • Tonight I sorted through boxes in the basement looking for things to give away
  • digging deep into the past and pulling up armloads of clothes and jetsam from days gone by
  • I found an old purse and realized it had never been divulged of its contents
  • One by one I pulled out pens, lipstick, chewing gum
  • Then I froze
  • This was my mother's purse
  • The purse she had been using when she died
  • Here was an address book from 1990
  • and she had carefully written in and scratched out my various addresses, tracking me across the country, across continents
  • and her last paystub, dated January 3, 1993
  • The chewing gum was still soft
  • I stood there for a long time
  • When the purse was empty I handed it to Jim to put with the rest of the stuff we were giving away
  • He handed it back to me, gently, told me to smell it
  • I did
  • but it didn't smell like her
  • Too many years gone by
  • Here is what I want
  • To hold a mirror up to my children so that they may never doubt
  • the incredible light of their own souls
  • To never stop writing
  • To travel the world, all of it
  • To speak my truth, all of it
  • And come late June, when the days stretch long and coreopsis and phlox and coneflowers blanket the prairie floor and the sky is a thousand miles wide
  • I’m getting in my car and driving to western Kansas
  • to Amy Leigh’s farm
  • where I’m going to run naked through a field of wheat
  • with or without you President Obama
  • And that’s not all
  • You know that new URL I have (wanderlustlust)?
  • I didn’t buy just one
  • Uh huh
  • And what the hell
  • That’s right
  • I’m an org
  • Care to donate?
  • But on this, my 100th post, I'm thinking mostly about you
  • Without you
  • all of this wouldn't exist
  • and to me you are more than just someone who reads my blog
  • because when I fell
  • you were there to catch me
  • and I’ll never forget that
  • People can say what they will about virtual friendships
  • and people have
  • but I know better
  • I know that you are not just a name on a screen
  • that you live and breathe and love and hurt and write a piece of yourself into every post
  • that you are gloriously imperfect
  • as am I
  • as are we all
  • We are nevertheless blog gods and goddesses
  • are we not?
  • Expression spilling from our fingertips
  • onto pages
  • so that we may rest another day
  • tame the wild beast
  • Well, quiet her at least
  • And something in the telling helps us know that we are not alone
  • in what we feel
  • in who we are
  • because we are not alone
  • ever
  • ever
  • ever
  • And through each other’s eyes
  • we see ourselves
  • reflected back
  • in all our wonder
  • and in that reflection
  • we hold a vision of each other at our best
  • Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters
  • we become our consummate selves
  • courageous in the face of pain
  • gracious in the face of slight
  • We are artists in the medium of life
  • dreaming dreams of who we really are
  • fearless explorers
  • genius creators
  • lovers of venusian proportion
  • hot bloggy sex on a popsicle stick
  • That’s us
  • you
  • me
  • we
  • shine



Heather Conroy said...

Wow- Inspired and Inspirational, Grateful and Humble, you are moving forward and taking us all with you. So glad I read your post today-Thanks.

kbxmas said...

Thanks Heather!

Katherine Jenkins said...

Beautiful post of 100 things...Glad you posted this. It feels quite uplifting, these bullet seems like things are moving in a very positive direction ^_^!

Lynne Walker said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!