Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This woman behind the curtain requests an honorary ThD

Towards the end of The Wizard of Oz the Wizard steps out from behind a curtain and is revealed as a short, bald, ordinary man. His trickery, machinery and a powerful microphone have guaranteed his power in the Emerald City.

We all have an Oz behind the curtain pulling the levers.

You know what? I have been the Oz in our family for 21 years. I am the woman behind the curtain, who has consistently organised and planned holidays, remembered birthdays, mentally tracked finances, billing periods, and nutritional needs. I have kept a running tally (in my head) of the amount of bread and milk, toilet paper and washing powder in the cupboard and performed the role of our home’s mental calendar for all appointments and engagements.

I have been the researcher for all child related care, discipline, safety, health, and education options. This information springs instantly to mind as required. I learned a whole other language in my apprenticeship. But it's not written down.

I could be wrong but in my experience it’s often the Dads who are responsible for their own particular activities and Mothers who take on responsibility for all family related mental tracking.

Think about it. With mental tracking there is a lot of stuff in the air, spinning like china plates on sticks. Mothers just have more to lose if something get’s dropped. That’s a lot of mental exercise.

So I’d like a ThD just like the one awarded to the scarecrow by the Wizard of Oz.

A ThD? That’s a Doctor of Thinkology.

It’s only fair.


angelguided said...

Brilliant!! Made me giggle, I will give you my ThD as I don't want to think about everthing anymore. I want to let things just happen and see what others have to say about that! :)

Beth Chapman said...

Where's the degree in juggling? You do all that while juggling precious china in the air. Well done Dr. Heather, ThD

Pamela Bousquet said...

Can I get an AMEN, sister?

I'd like one of those, too! :D

Thanks for the chuckle, Heather!

bren said...

I could see myself in your words. The image of the juggling of plates was vivid! Like your style of writing.