Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life WAS meant to be Easy!

I have managed to make some changes to my life based on the notion that if something is meant to happen, it will happen easily.
Whether you believe in fate or destiny is one thing – but you have to agree if you are heading in a direction that is right for you, stuff tends to fall into place!
Opportunities appear as if by magic, you conveniently bump into JUST the person you need to speak to and you may randomly look at a magazine you never read only to turn to an article about the very thing you are currently interested in…
You start feeling amazed at this coincidental sequence of events calling it luck.
I don’t think there is any such thing.
I think life WAS meant to be easy, it is us crazy humans that have made it hard!
Our heads are so chockablock with Lara Bingle’s latest movements, the mammoth electricity bill we just received and the fact that the plumber STILL HASN’T SHOWN UP – that we have lost touch with this simple notion of trusting the flow of life.
The signs are within us and around us leading us where we need to be. If only they were not drowned out by the noise!
Sod off Bingle! I’m trying to listen to my inner self for God’s sake!
Think of a time you really really wanted to do something but every time you tried you hit a brick wall.
You probably  got upset because you had been giving it your best effort, but to no avail.
These kind of events really reveal a lot about your character.
You may get upset and get the “I’m not good enoughs” or you could just shrug and say “Oh thanks for the heads-up, I’m not meant to do that” and then carry on expecting to find the path you ARE meant to be on.
If you ignore the brick walls you keep hitting and keep ploughing away, they are going to get bigger and nastier.
I’ve seen some ugly walls in my time, some that had made me understand why Humpty Dumpty did what he did.
Struggling to do something that you are not meant to be doing is not only a waste of time, it is the fastest track to Prozac.
My advice is to quit while you are ahead!
If it is too hard, then find something easier.
Sarah Wilson theorises if she hears a person mentioned three times in a day that its a ’sign’ that she should contact that person.
Christa Avampato doesn’t believe in getting down about missing out on a course she applied for rather seeing it as the  canyons opening up to reveal the path she should be taking.
If you don’t buy into the cosmic, universal flow of things, then if nothing else,  this is a great attitude to have in order to deal with setbacks!
These days I tend to surrender to the flow of life rather than being in too much of a rush to go on a wacky and spontaneous adventure every five minutes like I used to (though had some fun living this way) . I don’t feel the need to shake things up so much anymore just for the hell of it.
I love following my ambitions and stepping into unknown territory- but only if I am ‘feeling it.’
When I’m feeling it I notice the clues, because I am consciously looking for them. Usually kind people pop up in my path to help me get to where I need to go.
This spins me out, I love it. ”When the student is ready..” teachers really do crop up!!
Since I started writing online the amount of ‘helpers’ that have turned up in my path has astonished me.
From my good friend and wonderful web designer Lena offering to create the banner for my blog when I first started, to the lovely Talia who I have hardly spoken to in my life who is helping me design an advert for my website. The ‘helpers’ list is a mile long.
Since starting my website, people I have asked for interiews have been easy and forthcoming and I just feel I’m riding a wave I am meant to be on.
I’m not struggling anymore.
Let me tell you after decades of wrestling the brick walls it is an absolute load off.
So sing it from the rooftops!
Life WAS meant to be easy!
Turn off the TV and start listening to yourself!
Please drop by my website for some grass watering :-) 



Brilliant post Sharni! carry on doing what you are doing and your enthusiasm will pick up others on your wave of life! :)

Sharnanigans said...

Thanks Christina xx

Marla said...

So good. I would have disagreed with you twenty years ago. Not anymore. I believe you are right. We make it hard.

I am thinking of the turtles riding the current in Finding Nemo. I am just going to ride along today trusting God's current to take me where I need to be.

Thank you!

Katherine Jenkins said...

Brilliant Sharni! I have a question for you. Will send you a personal e-mail soon. Love you and just get more and more amazing!

Marilyn said...

Television - a mind numbing device that sucks time out of your life. Thrilled to hear about the positive changes in your life...and all because you listened to yourself.
Bravo Sharni!