Friday, March 26, 2010

Acceptance in the moment

Being present is a beginning in living in the now but how one feels in the moment is important to note. Can you reach acceptance in the present moment? How do you feel when you slow down your breathing, still your thoughts, and focus your mind? If you are having a difficult time achieving the bliss and peace so many describe in celebration of each and every moment, see if you can at least reach acceptance.

Acceptance is a beginning. Can you reach a point in every moment of your life, when you stop to focus and really pay attention in the moment, of at least accepting your reality in that moment?

See if you can at least achieve acceptance, not anything else, no emotion, no value judgment of whether it’s a good or bad moment. Just try acceptance in your reality in existence in any given moment, even in those moments where there may be something challenging.
Everyone has to start somewhere.



Sharnanigans said...

Thanks Aine - perfectly what I needed to read right now and accept right now. Having all sorts of internal battles at the moment, your post has made me stop and get present, and accept it, shall practice more

Sai said...

Thanks Aine! This is just what we all need! This is what the spiritual endeavour is really about - being centered, accepting the present.