Wednesday, March 24, 2010

365 Lessons-Lesson 83: There is Only ONE of YOU

So, to follow up on my previous post, We are Our Own Worst Critics, comes this! A realization that was so simple, yet so simple to forget. Thanks to all the comments on the previous post which helped me realize it. The realization is: There is only ONE of YOU. And this may be debatable. For example, if you Google Katherine Jenkins you'll find a very busty Welsh opera singer who actually has a fan club on Facebook for her boobs. I couldn't help but join the Katherine Jenkins' Breasts Fan Club. I thought about changing my last name to my husband's name which is Lee, but then there's Kathie Lee Gifford, and I don't think I want to be her either. I wish I had a unique name like my best friend Lena Helena Phillipa Hillinga or my blogger friend Sharni Montgomery.

But I have to remember that there's only ONE of ME. I told my husband's business partner, who's name is Moshe (now isn't that a unique name??), that I really needed to change my name because when my book is published, no one will be able to find me. Instead, all they will find is a large pair of breasts and a hearty voice. He said, "No they won't, because you'll be much bigger than her." And that's not in the area you're thinking of..........

There's only one of YOU. I love this so much. How often do we forget this. How amazing is it that in the world of zillions of beings, there's no one like us? There's no duplicate. You may be an identical twin, but there's nothing identical about how the two of you operate (or maybe there are a few things, but I'm sure you have your own quirks and unique talents.)

Some of my readers commented on my blog last night that "No one has a story like yours!" Yes, this is true. True for everyone. No one has a story like any of ours. We have a monopoly on our own story. The amazing thing is that everyone has one and not everyone knows how unique their story is!

I feel compelled to share my story in book form. This is not really a want or desire, it's a purpose that seems to be beyond myself and beyond my name. It's something I don't fully understand yet. I think that when we share our own unique stories from a place within, we actually connect to something very universal about us all. It's a place where names don't exist. Our story is our path. If we have followed that path with our heart, no matter who we are, we will connect to something much greater than ourselves, our breasts or our names! Yet, the fact that we are all very unique and treading down our own individual paths is what gives others the inspiration to do the same. Keep being YOU, that's all you can do! Lots of love and light to all of you, Kathy


Marla said...

Wonderful and perfectly you

Katherine Jenkins said...

Thanks Marla ^_^!