Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Time

Dear All, I intended to post this on my own blog, but after I clicked the Publish Post button, I realised I was posting using my Writers Rising profile. Looks like this poem was meant to be here. So here it is, and it's on my blog too. :-)

This time I will not
sit back and wait
For the leaves to turn yellow
and another winter to dawn
So I can relegate
my dream to a new spring.

Nor cast away the swirls of
myriad feelings
That wash over my soul
and speak to me
In ways they never have

This time I will not
shy away
in fear and allow
to be built
around me
To protect me from
the storm that has not
and may never come.

And should the storm come
this time
I will not choose to
be fearful
and run for cover to the closest
But look the storm in the face
and continue moving forward
Until the winds relent
and the rivers part
To show me my path.

This time I will not rest
until I have tasted
The freedom
of lasting happiness.


Katherine Jenkins said...

Sai-Glad you posted this one by mistake! What determination! I can't wait to see where you will go....peace to you, Kathy

marcime said...

"but look the storm in the face...and move forward..until the waters relent...
Sai - beautiful imagery - you look strong in that image! I encourage you on in your journey - and there will be storms - there always are when you don't take the easy route...
Cheers Sai!

Tony Anders said...

Thanks for your post. I feel it.It is about soldiering onward...godspeed me friend!

Beth Chapman said...

Sai may the wind in your face strengthen your back so you can stand tall and when blowing at your back may it teach you balance and knowing when to bend. You and your words are powerful.

Sai said...

Katherine - thank you! I'm interested to see where I go too. :-) I have a feeling change is "round the corner"; now I'm not sure if in "Universe" time that means next week or next year. Thank you for your blessings!

Marcella - many thanks! Every prayer, every positive thought goes a long way. Truly appreciate the encouragement and goodwill. That's true, though - the best choices are often not the easiest.

Tony, thanks so much for your good wishes!

Beth, what a beautiful blessing! I love the way you worded it. Thank you so much!