Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hi from Brum (Birmingham) Uk!

Hi everyone, thanks to Katherine I can join this wonderful group of writers and hopefully contribute something, some of you may like to read. I am now living in Birmingham UK with my two cats and two of my my three children. My eldest is living in Cyprus and is in the army doing his National service.

I am a school mentor which I love and I am passionate about writing. If I don't write I feel that I cannot function. I also like to draw and paint and find when I am having an off day and cannot write, I can get the creative juices flowing by using my right brain being arty.

I recently started a blog angelguided. It started off being a place where I can share what I have learnt on my journey of life and is a combination of self-help, reflections and inspirational poems.

I am creating a website called Angel guided mentoring where I will be offering spiritual mentoring and guidance. I have trained in counselling skills and I am a reiki practitioner, with angelic attunements.

I have a book in progress which is a book on grief and love. This is based on my Mother who passed away four years ago. I am starting a blog called Committed to Love where I will post from my journal, I kept the last months that I cared for Mum, my conversations I had with the Divine. I hope it will be a stepping stone and a catalyst to publishing my book, as well as giving people grieving solace and hope.

I also write on a site called and have many articles on various subjects, most being spiritual and on family and relationships.

Talk to you soon.


Beth Chapman said...

Welcome Angelguided! I look forward to the mentoring you offer on your angelguided blog. I guffawed at your adivce to wear a hat on a bad hair day and on with it and paused when I read the Winding Road. Welcome again, look forward to your passion.

Tony Anders said...

Welcome, welcome - I too am a fan of your subject matter and am a Reiki practitioner as well. I hope you find this home as much as I! Take care!

Sharnanigans said...

Hello!!! So good to see you here, glad we are operating in the same circles! xx

Katherine Jenkins said...

So glad to have you on board at WR angelguided. I am in awe of all the wonderful people here. I wish we could all would be out of this world. Looking forward to your posts!

angelguided said...

Thanks everyone for your welcoming comments. An extra big thank you to Sharnia as I found this blog and all the other wonderful blogs through finding her witty blog. I love how synchronicity works :) Happy Valentines to everyone!

Katherine Jenkins said...

Happy Valentine's Day...if you scroll back you will find that Sharni was the very first contributor on this blog besides myself. She is a great light for many! Looking forward to your posts angelguided!

Heather Conroy said...

Hi angelguided-love your creativity tips! You have a lot of irons in the fire, best of luck with all your endeavours!